15 Interesting Bathroom Mirrors that Will Impress Anyone

The bathroom mirror is ubiquitous for sure. In every bathroom, there is always at least one mirror installed (or maybe two or more!). However, the fact that it is a basic necessity in a bathroom should not mean that it should be boring or lack style. There are a lot of bathroom mirror ideas you can try to perfect your bathroom and add some personality inside. After all, the bathroom is an essential part of the house, so investing in a good bathroom mirror is a good idea. If you are reading this to find interesting bathroom mirrors ideas, continue reading to find out more.

1. Hexagonal bathroom mirror looks fashionable

Sometimes, playing with shapes is good, and it shows in this example. The hexagonal bathroom mirror looks aesthetically pleasing, and it could also save space in your bathroom, a nice bonus when the property price is rising.

Charming bathroom decorating ideas using hexagonal mirrors and combined with hexagonal walls that look more fashionable. Plus wood-patterned floor accents that add to the atmosphere of a more aesthetic bathroom.

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Bathroom decor with a metal frame for hexagon mirrors can give an aesthetic look to the bathroom. Especially this decoration is completed with a gold accent on the faucets and wall lamps. This makes a charming and elegant impression.

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An amazing attraction in the bathroom with a hexagonal mirror shaped on the wall. The frame made from wood material and completed with some greenery can give a natural fresh to your bathroom decoration.

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To make your bathroom looks more attractive and aesthetic, placing a hexagonal mirror with a gold frame is a brilliant idea. Combined with hexagonal tiles on the floor can complete the bathroom decoration.

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There is a simple way to make your bathroom looks aesthetic and interesting. One of them is placing a hexagon mirror with a gold frame. Combined with emerald paint for the cabinet color can strengthen the elegant impression of the bathroom.

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2. The bathroom mirror is environmentally friendly and goes well in any bathroom

If you would like to save the environment while still maintaining a fashionable look in your house, a bathroom mirror is a perfect choice for you. Made from reclaimed wood, this mirror looks great on any bathroom.

The concept of environmentally friendly is given to this bathroom by using a mirror with a wood frame and combined with a sink table made from natural wood. With a fresh white wall color that gives a more comfortable feel.

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Deciding to choose reclaimed wood for the mirror frame can work well with your rustic bathroom style. Especially if you also use the same material for the table. This creates pleasant and environmentally friendly bathroom decor.

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To complete your farmhouse bathroom decor, use a mirror with a reclaimed wood frame is a good idea. It will be more completed if you use the same material for the other furniture such as the sink table and ladder. This makes the bathroom decoration environmentally friendly and fresh.

If you want to decorate your modern classic bathroom more pleasant and environmentally friendly, you can place a mirror with a reclaimed wood frame. This mirror can work well with your bathroom concept and can increase the bathroom looks.

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Using a square mirror with a beautiful wooden frame combined using vanity table accents of wood and marble creates an environmentally friendly impression. Plus patterned rug adds the perfect impression.

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3. The full-size bathroom mirror is good when you have space

While having a large enough bathroom to house a full-size bathroom mirror is only a pipe dream for most people, and if you have the means, you can opt to use a full-size bathroom mirror. The mirror itself could be the central piece of your house.

Attractive design with a full wall mirror combined with dramatic vanity from marble and accented stone ceiling tiles. This makes the bathroom design elegant.

The concept was given to this bathroom by using a full-size mirror and displaying the lights right in this mirror. This makes the bathroom design looks elegant.

The wall full of mirrors in the bathroom reflects the light flowing from above and makes the bathroom produce natural lighting. This is combined with the accent of pure white walls that can give the impression of a cool and comfortable.

An elegant full-size mirror idea with a smooth white vanity marble. Which creates a warm and dramatic feel

The design of this large mirror extends throughout the bathroom and illuminates the space by reflecting natural light flowing from above. This creates an elegant and special decoration.

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With those ideas as a start, surely you will be able to find the perfect bathroom mirrors that look amazing as well as practical. Good luck with your search!

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