15 Savvy Valentine’s Decoration Ideas for Small Office

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest annual events on the globe. Celebrated among many people, Valentine’s Day ambiance will mesmerize you with its beauty. If you’re working 9 to 5 in a small office, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to celebrate it as well.

However, as much as you want to bring the Valentine’s Day celebration to your workplace, your small office doesn’t provide the space you need to decorate it with something savvy.

Rest assured, below are some of the handpicked Valentine’s Day decoration ideas that you need. Suiting your small office’s professional atmosphere, these decorations will also boost the mood with its subtle Valentine’s accent.

1. Functional Decoration with Heart-Shaped Mug Coaster

In an office, who doesn’t like coffee? Being a staple of almost every office worker’s diet, morning coffee will enrich your senses and get you ready to face the day. To boost your coworkers’ moods even further, you can celebrate Valentine by changing the usual mug coaster to a heart-shaped one.

Not only that it brings a subtle Valentine’s Day ambiance to your office, but the coaster is also space-friendly for your small office and reusable.

Valentine’s day heart decorations are a way to express our love for the company. All valentine ornaments that adorn the office lobby present a pleasant atmosphere.

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A series of heart decorations mounted on the office lobby desk impressed anyone on this valentine’s day. Pink flowers add to the vibes of loving valentine’s day.

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Decorate the office door with an abundant heart on this valentine’s day is very pleasant. Pink and red add a touch of color and excitement in a usually plain office setting.

An office desk with cute notes and a hanging heart makes everyone smile.

Valentine’s heart decorations with paper in all directions to the office hallway. Very simple, but creates a happier and lighter mood.

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2. A Vase of Garden-Fresh Flowers

A seemingly insignificant thing, no one would ever guess the impact a flower could give. A vase of fresh flowers could be an option if you want a different air yet still keeping the professional look.

No need to provide a large space, these garden-fresh flowers are exceptionally pretty when put on the nooks of your small office. Creating a warm and fresh ambiance, these flowers are surely a good addition to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your workplace.

Ask your partner to lend their thumbprints to each of the hearts painted on this Mason jar. Place it on your desk in your office for a beautiful valentine’s decoration.

Simple yet impressive valentine decoration with bronze flower pots and heart-shaped vines. Used wood chairs that are cut and drawn with hearts add valentine decorations with a rustic feel.

The rimmed heart made of wooden boards and flower vases with pink roses is the focal point for the appearance of this beautiful Valentine’s Day coat.

This monogram flower letter will add a romantic touch to any room in your office.

Pull the straps of the hearts of your loved ones with this beautiful work of art. This heart-shaped valentine decoration with red wool yarn is accompanied by several flower vases to decorate your office desk.

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3. Refreshing Scented Candle for your Small Office

Always been considered as too romantic or cheesy, a refreshing scented candle could bring fresh air to your small office. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to put on something overly sweet or musky.

Refreshing scented candles by combining lavender and some other aromatics in a glass filled with water. Float the tea candle on top and place it on the corner of your work desk office for this valentine’s decoration.

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Aromatic candles and fragrant potpourri are placed in the corner of the office desk to welcome this loving Valentine’s Day.

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Aromatic candles by adding other elements can be an attractive Valentine decoration. Place it at the corner of your work desk to make Valentine’s Day fresher.

Many choices of refreshing scented candles that you need to try on this valentine’s day. This will be more useful than ordinary decorations such as flowers or red ribbons.

Despite its small size, this refreshing scented candle will play a full role in the small room in your office. Andapun ready to face valentine day full of freshness.

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Putting something with minty or subtle scent will sharpen your senses as well as giving Valentine’s Day ambiance to your workplace. 
A small office shouldn’t stop you in celebrating the most of Valentine’s Day. Be it handcrafted goods or something you bought from the store, adding little, subtle touches in your office will give a lovely fresh air to the cramped place.

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