16 DIY RV Remodel Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly

Have you been on the road lately? Do you feel that your beautiful RV needs some quick, easy, and cheap updates? Well, everybody knows that the thought of motorhome remodeling might be overwhelming. But, with these DIY RV remodel ideas, you’ll find that the renovation activities are simple and budget-friendly. 

1. Window Upgrade

If your RV windows come with cheap and flimsy blinds, you’ll need an upgrade soon. Why? Because those window treatments aren’t attractive and versatile options. 

Therefore, adding some curtains and valances to your blackout shade window is a smart idea. You can use an old sheet, shower curtain, or tablecloth to create attractive curtains or valances. Just make sure that the fabric will go well with the surroundings (like wall colors, furniture colors, and other decorative elements’ colors).

To enhance your RV looks with low budget, change your curtain. If your RV is applying pastel white and light blue color, you can use the curtain in white color too. This curtain will match with the wallpaper that installed near the window.

Change your RV curtain with flower pattern to give a fresh impression in your RV. Even though you just change your curtain but it’s enough to give a significant impact to your RV looks.

The lively and cheerful atmosphere at this RV camper that uses flower-patterned curtains is combined with turquoise counter top and chess-patterned floor. Which creates a comfortable and charming RV decor.

A simple idea to makeover your RV decor is changing the window curtain. You can pick in plaid pattern to have matching look with the floor motif. It can make your RV looks more attractive.

Applying floral motifs on the RV curtain gives a beautiful impression. You can match the pattern curtain with the bed sheet to get matching look.

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2. Sofa Upgrade 

If you are an active camper, you will need your sofa customized. It is because you’d prefer something that perfectly meets your personal needs.  For example, you want a place to sit but also need a place to store. Then, why not creating your exclusive sofa with hidden storage under it. All you need are only plywood, mattress, fabric, and other supporting tools. 

RV camper will be more practical and easier for you, if you installing soft sofa with additional hidden storage underneath. You can use the sofa to sit and store your goods at the same time.

To make your RV sofa more functional, you can create your sofa to have a hidden storage underneath. It can give more benefits for example your RV will become neat and have decent space to move.

The appeal of a multi-function sofa with hidden storage space. In addition to sitting on an RV sofa you can also store your things underneath. So that your RV looks neat.

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Having a multifunctional furniture in RV is a must. One of them you can upgrade your sofa with hidden storage underneath. You can use the sofa to sit and save your items.

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3. Workstation Upgrade

Installing a computer-friendly workspace is just perfect for you, who are a nomadic full-time worker. Therefore, instead of dinette (since you will spend more time eating meals outdoors or at local restaurants), it is better to create your professional workstation inside your RV. Utilize two freestanding drawers as the legs and use pine woods as the countertop. Then, you’re ready to set your computer, speakers, tablet, and printer on it.

The long desk replaced the dinette and sofa, creating two workstations. With wood which creates beautiful decoration workstations on the RV camper.

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Perfect design on the RV camper by using wooden cabinet that can be used for workspace, coffee maker and for TV stand at the same time. So, it can save space in your RV.

By placing a small workspace that made from wood material and has some drawers can provide an extra storage in your RV.

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4. Wall Upgrade

Even if you don’t spend much time inside your RV, but the comfortable and relaxing atmospheres are indeed substantial to consider. One thing to support it is your RV walls. Check them out now! Are they in an outstanding look or poor condition?

If you feel drab, give them an update with some easy-to-install wallpapers, repaint or attach some ornaments to the wall. Choose which emits captivating views, such as brightly colored wallpapers like blue, green and flowers.

Remodeling your RV will, of course, take time. But, these DIY RV remodel ideas are worth to try. After all tiring works, you’ll get a beautiful vacation vehicle.

Elegant decorating ideas on RV camper using bright turquoise wall colors combined with soft pink pillows. Add a head deer ornament to make the RV more attractive.

RV camper design with fresh green wall color combined with flower curtains and soft sofas. To give a focal interest, you can add word “Happy Campers” on the wall.

Using a bright green color for this RV camper wall is suitable to make your RV looks bright and fresh. You can support the decoration by placing fresh pillow cushions to strengthen the freshness.

Apply bright wallpaper with unique pattern to your RV wall to get captivating look in your RV. Combined with white furniture and white color scheme to make the RV bright and comfortable.

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