20 Best Ideas to Create a Terrarium

When it comes to natural touch for your interior, a terrarium is one of the available choices. Like an aquarium, you will need a glass box or jar. However, you will put plants into it, not fish. It is a good choice if you are longing for a garden, but don’t have enough room for it. 

Combine those green plants with purple, pink, and yellow ones. Decorate them so they can get enough attention without being overwhelming. Keep the bedding simple with potting soil, charcoal, and stones. Moss is also a good choice for decoration.

1. Gorgeous Terrarium

Who said that you couldn’t go as tiny as possible? You can use your mason jar or tiny teacup for your small garden. We understand that small things seldom attract people’s attention. However, you can work around this by selecting colorful plants. 

Not every little thing attracts attention. You can use small teacups for cute terrarium containers. Add some ornaments to make it look more colorful.

Chair and mushroom ornaments on terrarium can be a beautiful and interesting idea. Besides this ornament will also overcome the terrarium looks more colorful.

Use tea cups for small garden ideas in your home. This is very interesting because of its small and cute.

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If your terrarium looks more colorful, then a blue mason jar is a good idea. Complete with white sand and greenery for maximum elegance.

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Purple ornaments give color to your terrarium. Use cactus plants that are easy to live on the ground or in rocks. This little idea will be cuter and funnier.

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If the mason jar terrarium you want to look more attractive, then add a red motorcycle ornament placed in it. Stone also gives a beautiful natural impression.

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A small terrarium is a unique choice for decorating your home. For example mason jar terrarium which is equipped with flower plants. This will be an extraordinary attraction.

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2. Water Garden

When you don’t put fish in it, it doesn’t mean you cannot put some water in. You can create a water garden if you want some water element that surrounds you. Prepare a glass container, such as a bowl, jar, or basin. You will also need potting soil, charcoal bits, rocks, and water.

First, put the rocks and cover them with the charcoal bits. Second, put some soil to help hold the water. Then, you can decorate the container with your choice of plants. The last is putting some water enough to make those plants float.

Water garden provides the best ideas for decorating your table. Fill enough water so that the plant can float properly. Complete with dried moss around it to add to its perfection.

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Use sand and stone elements to coat your container. Add enough green plants and water so the plants can float. This is one of the easy and inexpensive ways to make terrarium ideas.

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Take advantage of existing items at home to make terrarium containers. For example a jar, an easy way to make it you simply apply the stones and green plants in it. You can try this idea at home.

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Glass jars can be used to make a simple terrarium. Add just half a jar of water to make the plant float. The stone is enough for additional elements in this terrarium.

Salah satu tujuan water garden adalah untuk tanaman bisa mengapung dengan bagus. Tambahkan beberapa ornamen seperti batu bata merah untuk mempercantiknya.

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Green moss gives a fresh impression on your terrarium. Fill your container with stones, greenery and water as much as possible.

The jar becomes one of the containers to make the terrarium appear more attractive. You only need stone elements and green plants in it. This terrarium looks simple but still beautiful when looking at the eyes.

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3. A Simple Look

If you don’t want to get too much dirt in your container, this simple arrangement suits you. All you need is rocks for the bedding. Plants that go well with rocks and no soil are cactus. Create some succulent terrariums of cacti and palms mix in several glass containers by the window. The view will treat your longing for a garden.

This design you do not need soil to minimize existing dirt. One of the plants that is suitable for growing on rocks is cactus. Use stones of different colors to make it look more alive.

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Sea blue ocean gives a completely unique look. You can complement this terrarium with cactus plants that are above the rock layer.

Cactus plants that are above the rock layer provide the advantage of reducing a lot of dirt. Use stones with bright colors to make it look more elegant and luxurious.

Aquarium terrarium provides a unique shape and different from the others. You simply apply the stone and cactus plants in it. This idea is the best choice for this type of planting.

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You can replace the soil with small stones for cactus planting tools. This aims to reduce the dirt in your container. Use unique containers, such as geometric shapes like the picture above.

You can add a collection of terrarium growers with a cube shape. This shape will look more fun. Avoid using soil to reduce dirt on your container, cactus is a plant that is suitable for living in rocks.

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Have you got inspiration for your future terrarium? Which one is your choice?

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