20 Best Inspirations of A Laundry Room Design for Small Space

Are you working with a limited amount of square footage for your laundry room? No worry, not all laundry rooms need a lot of space. They only need to be neat, well-organized, and well-equipped. So, get creative and implement some smart laundry room design for small space ideas to maximize your compact laundry space. 

Need examples? Here are five best inspirations for you to consider. 

1. Make Instant Countertop

Do you have a front-loading washer or dryer? Take advantage of the empty space on top of them. With a piece of wood or butcher’s block, you can have extra space. Just lay them on top of the machines. This instant countertop is a perfect place as a folding station.

To make your small laundry room more functional, add wooden board above your washing machine. You can use the board for storage area of for ironing board.

You can add wooden boards above your washing machine and use them for the storage are. You can put the laundry supplies on there and also it can be used for ironing board.

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For extra storage in your small laundry room, add wooden board above the washing machine. Don’t forget to add wooden racks and put your laundry supplies neatly on there.

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2. Stack Laundry Machines 

The key to designing a small space is utilizing as much vertical space as possible. Go as high as you can, including the arrangement of the machines. So, if you have front-loading laundry machines, stack them together. With this arrangement, you can have more floor spaces to design.

Another idea to maximize your small laundry room is arranging vertically your two washing machines. It can works well if your washing machine is front loader type.

By applying stack laundry machines in your small laundry room can give some benefits. One of them you can save the space and your laundry room will look neat.

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Combining stack washing machine and small cabinet are a good idea to save space in your small laundry room. Completed with some rattan baskets and drying area to perfect the laundry room decor.

Arrange vertically your two washing machines to save space in your small laundry room. This a brilliant solution if you just have a small space to build a laundry room.

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If you really don’t have space anymore to build a laundry room, you can merge the laundry room with bathroom. All you need to do is give separate between the room and stack your laundry machines so that requiring much space.

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3. Use All-in-One Laundry Appliances 

Who says you must use two machines for your laundry chores? If you can have an all-in-one laundry appliance (for washing and drying), then why not having one? With this smart option, space is no longer a problem for you.

No matter if you just have one washing machine but the important thing is the machine can be used to wash and dry at the same time. It also can be smart solution for small laundry room.

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Having one washing machine is doesn’t mean you can finish the washing activity. It the machine can be used to wash and dry, it’s enough to save your time and your space.

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A nice white washing machine. Then combined with a hanger to store your belongings. and plastic storage to put your dirty clothes before washing.

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Laundry room combined with a modern white washing machine. Then combined with simple white storage. The decoration makes a different impression when you are inside.

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A nice gray washer. Then combined with pink storage which gives a funny impression. As well as clothes hangers made of wood that look simple.

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4. Fix Some Storages on the Wall

Instead of hanging artwork, it’s best to keep some necessities on the wall. You can install shelves along the wall. Then, use it to store your items such as toilet tissue, detergent, bleach, and more.  Besides, you can use pegboard to hang cleaning tools on it. It is not only a useful but also inexpensive idea to do.

Rack is always the best choice for storage idea, especially in small space. This idea is also can be applied to your small laundry room. Attach some floating shelves to the wall and you can put your laundry supplies on there.

Take advantages of your door and walls in your small laundry room for storage idea. You can attach some shelves or wire baskets. Place your detergent, cleaning tools and another laundry essentials on it an you will get organized laundry room decor.

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If you prefer to install hanging cabinet for the the storage idea in your small laundry room, you can attach them above the washing machine and under the sink. It will give more storage places to store your laundry essentials.

For the simple storage idea in your small laundry room, hang some wooden shelves on the wall. You can use the shelves to store your towels or even for ornaments to complete the decoration.

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5. Hang Drying Rack

If you have utilized all the laundry room wall, it’s time to look at a place that you sometimes overlook—the ceiling. It actually works best for a drying rack. For example, hang an old ladder with chains.Hopefully, these ideas of a laundry room design for small space have shown you that a compact laundry room space can still offer you various ways to design based on your preferences.

Utilize the ceiling of your small laundry room to hang a drying rack. You can use an old ladder and hang it on the ceiling using chains. Install some hooks and you can use it to hang your clothes.

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For the small laundry room, utilize a free space is very important. For example you can install a drying rack on the ceiling. This simple drying rack will make you easy to hang your clothes that you have washed without requiring much space.

This smart idea to save space in your small laundry room. Hang wooden plank on the ceiling using ropes and you can use them to dry your clothes.

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