20 Simple Design Ideas For Scandinavian Kitchen Style

For those who make their kitchen as their sanctuary, and prefer cool, calming and collected vibe yet super stylish will directly think of Scandinavian Kitchen Style. Nobody does this thing better than the Scandinavians. Here are some ideas to follow if you want to have this kind of style in your home.

1. Bright and Clean

According to the landscapes, light-toned colors are an essential choice for Nordic countries as it looks sophisticated. The color will be in the range of whites or pale grey, with a few metallic additions to make it even warmer. The flood of bright light will give larger feels inside the space. Clean lines also a strong character of this style. Keep the lines clean and away from clutter.

The attraction that is given to this clean and bright Scandinavian kitchen. With floating wooden shelves and spacious windows. Plus a white subway wall that gives a charming impression.

Clean, minimalist and bright are identical with Scandinavian style. This style is also can be applied to the kitchen. You can apply white paint and combine it with a little touch of wood to bring a natural vibe.

The look of a modern Scandinavian-style kitchen that uses glass walls and combined with wooden accents on the countertop and chairs creates an elegant look.

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Applying a bright and clean concept for the Scandinavian kitchen style is a good idea. You can start by installing a large window and white paint. And don’t forget to combine with wood touch for natural impression in the kitchen.

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2. Featuring Lights

After the bright that came from the wall, add more light by giving your kitchen hanging lights. The hanging light fixtures can be made from wood, or wooden light fixtures, or the modern one made from metal. Having a customized light made of the bulb with a wooden pendant will extremely strengthen your Scandinavian style character in your kitchen. 

Scandinavian modern kitchen ideas by installing charming wooden chandeliers above the wooden dining table. Using unique lampshades can make your kitchen looks more attractive and warm.

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To complete your white Scandinavian kitchen decor, installing the right lamp is must be considered. Because it can make a different look to your kitchen. For example, you can use a hanging pendant lamp white lampshade. Hang above your dining table and it can make your room more warm and intimate.

Pairing a metal pendant lamp in a modern Scandinavian-style kitchen adds to the more atmosphere of the kitchen. Especially if your use in geometrical shape. It can make your kitchen looks more attractive.

Simple Scandinavian kitchen decor with all-white colors and using a wooden lampshade for the chandelier. Add wooden hanging shelves can provide a simple but classy modern Scandinavian kitchen concept.

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3. Wooden Floor

Wooden flooring is one of the most important keys to any Scandinavian style kitchen. If you want to utilize the maximum sensation of Scandi-style kitchen, try having the wooden flooring. Another option is choosing porcelain mimicking tiles. Other than a more affordable price, it will be easier to maintain. If it is possible, try to have a wooden ceiling too.

Using soft textured wood floors in a Scandinavian kitchen with natural colors creates an attractive kitchen decor.

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A Scandinavian kitchen that is modern and natural using wood floors and white brick walls. Plus a rustic wooden dining table and wooden countertop, it’s creates a more traditional and comfortable appeal.

By using the concept of wooden furniture in the cabinet, dining table and countertop. This creates a modern Scandinavian kitchen look.

To reinforce the Scandinavian vibe in your kitchen, don’t forget to install the wood floor. Combine with wooden cabinets to perfect the decoration.

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4. Wooden Furniture

True Scandinavian kitchen style will require you to have an all-white theme. Next, it will require you to add bright colored furniture. Try a combination of old-style wooden tables with bright colored modern chairs. 

This is a stunning Scandinavian-style kitchen decorating idea with smooth wooden floors, countertops, and chairs that creates a combination of modern and traditional.

The look of a Scandinavian kitchen style that uses a white color scheme for the wall and furniture combined with white wood floors gives a charming kitchen feel.

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5. Touch of Nature

Scandinavian loves nature. Bring those atmospheres into your kitchen by having a natural piece. Have some dried flower during the winter, or flowers during summer. Put it in strategic place in your kitchen such as a countertop, a corner on the shelves or close to the sink.

By placing some greenery in your Scandinavian kitchen style, you have been bringing a natural nuance in your kitchen. And also it can give a fresh atmosphere at the same time.

Adding features of green plants in the corner of Scandinavian kitchen space can create a kitchen design that is elegant and natural.

Comfort provided through the concept of a kitchen using natural features combining wood accents and green planter. Which creates beautiful and special kitchen decorations.

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6. Art

The thing that will make the Scandinavian kitchen style complete is the art piece. Make sure to add some contemporary wall art on the walls. It can be contemporary paintings or fabric decorations. Scandinavian style fabric for tablecloth is also recommended.

The main goal of having Scandinavian Kitchen Style is to have a one general white color theme, with some bright color additions. After following all these ideas, step back and enjoy a cup of mint tea and enjoy the Scandinavia’s atmosphere.

Complete your Scandinavian kitchen style by adding an abstract artwork and place on one side of your kitchen wall. You can place near the dining table and it can be a focal point in your kitchen.

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Adding wall art to the modern Scandinavian-style kitchen wall can create a pleasant and not boring impression.

Adding accent art to the Scandinavian kitchen gives the impression of a more beautiful kitchen. Combined with simple furniture creates a charming kitchen design.

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