21 Modern Kitchen Bars Design Ideas

The kitchen holds significant rule inside a house. Besides, this is the place where all the food and beverage coming from. It is a place where small talk happens, and it is also a place where the most talk occurs and outcomes the most crucial decision. Hence, it must be utilised to the max. Making kitchen bars is one thing to make it happen. Look at these ideas of modern kitchen bars design.

1. Wooden Kitchen Bars

Wood is amazingly popular. More than 75% kitchen utilities wood. From a completely made of wood furniture, half wood, or even just wood finishing. It is for its warm and natural effect provided to the room’s atmosphere.

The streamlined wooden bar is big matched with most streamlined wood flooring, or even with tile mimic wood porcelains. Combine it with padded bar stool with bright color to make an impression of dark and light contrast. 

Combination of wood and metal are an undeniable match. Wooden or wood-finished bars paired with black-metal bar stool and metal seating gives the impression of modern vintage. The juxtaposition is just perfect.

L-Shaped dark-granite counter top, connected with substantially curved wood chunk gives an impression of unfinished feeling. Insane combination of modern and natural looks. Add whichever wood or metal lighting fixtures will add more dramatic sensation.

For farmhouse styled kitchen, try a combination of the pale-coloured exposed wood bar with padded soda fountain barstool from 19th century. Add some industrial hanging lighting fixtures overhead.

Modern farmhouse kitchen design will be a trend this year. Some bright decorations add life to your kitchen, use a wooden kitchen bar equipped with chairs to make it feel more comfortable.

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The combination of wooden with marble material in the kitchen bar depicts a modern kitchen design that looks elegant. A unique hanging lamp illuminates the entire room perfectly. The combination of light and dark colors gives the impression of a beautiful contrast.

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Minimalist designs in modern kitchens will look elegant if you use luxury furniture, such as L-shaped kitchen bars and adjustable chairs. Furniture and floors that are made of wooden material give a warm feel.

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Enjoy a modern kitchen design with a kitchen bar that has a unique shape. This kitchen bar will improve the appearance of your kitchen looks different. The iron chair is more durable and durable.

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Reclaiming wooden kitchen bar is an important furniture in the kitchen. Add a high chair to become a comfortable and warm dining place with family. Dark tables become the right and suitable pair.

Use curved shapes for the wooden kitchen bar to make it more stylish. Sleek kitchen bar gives a clean and attractive impression. The combination of dark and bright colors is the main choice in your kitchen design.

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Monochromatic kitchens feature a subtle and soft modern design. Kitchen bar that made of thick wooden material will save costs because it is durable and does not require renovation in the future.

The combination of modern and rustic design is a very interesting combination. Pair wooden and marble material for kitchen bar ideas. A seat equipped with foam will also make you feel comfortable because it is soft.

The white design and wood material will sharpen the brightness and warmth in your kitchen. Provide chairs adjacent to the wooden kitchen bar so that it becomes a comfortable place to eat for your family.

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Pair marble and wood in your modern kitchen decor. L-shaped tables give interesting and smart ideas. Besides looking modern, this design is also very classy and does not cost much.

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Modern kitchen decor with dark shades gives the impression of shade that is suitable for you to try in your home. Use a soft chair to provide maximum comfort. Marble material on the table will look cleaner.

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2. Metal Kitchen Bars

Metal is delicate, subtle, and sleek. It offers a complete and elegant sensation. Pale black steel colour combined with chrome stools with black coloured seating. It does look real modern matched with dark cabinetries. Add industrial style lighting fixtures for more fillings if you feel it necessary.

For a small kitchen, try stainless steel bar-for-one with a combination of bright coloured cabinetry. Add wooden stool to bring a little warm to the steel’s coldness. 

Wooden stool brings warmth when combined with a metal kitchen bar. Complete with a pendant light to brighten the entire room brightly. This lamp serves to help you when doing activities in the kitchen.

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Give a bright color to your cabinet. The blue color gives a new life in your kitchen space. Round wooden stool is suitable for this decoration. In addition, wood materials provide natural warmth.

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The combination of wood and metal in the kitchen bar makes it appear simpler but looks attractive. Include natural ingredients so that your kitchen remains environmentally friendly and affordable. Add bright stool to give an attractive color.

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Wooden stools and metal kitchen bars here are highly recommended for furniture in your modern kitchen. Use large windows to help air circulation and provide natural light entering through the gaps.

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Farmhouse kitchen with wooden buildings gives a natural impression that is environmentally friendly. Make a kitchen bar from metal to make it look cleaner and more durable.

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Besides looking cleaner, metal will also give a luxurious and elegant feel. Metal is also very easy for you when cleaning all items and rooms in the kitchen. Try this decoration in your kitchen.

White design can help the room look more spacious. In addition, wooden stools and metal kitchen bars are recommended furniture for modern kitchen decor.

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Many lamps help to illuminate the entire kitchen perfectly. The use of metal in the kitchen bar will also be more durable and long lasting so you don’t need to spend money to renovate it.

Colorful stool gives a cheerful and cute impression in your kitchen. Pair with a metal kitchen bar to make it more elegant and attractive. Mix and match with shades of white to make it look perfect.

You can try metal materials for the modern decoration of your kitchen. One of them is the kitchen bar and table. This metal material will look cleaner and add to the appeal of people who are in this kitchen.

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Do you have bars in your kitchen? If you don’t have one, why don’t you try to have one from these modern kitchen bars ideas? Happy creating.

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