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Scattered keys, pens,
losing things at the time when you need it the most—Sound familiar? It is what
always happened when our room is messy and cluttered. Sometimes, it can be a
mood killer and depressing to look at.

Here are some ideas to help you get a minimalist apartment room to ease your daily life and even make it more lively. Check them out!

1. Create a Minimalist Apartment Living Room

This room is the heart of the home, where everyone comes to gather around and enjoy the company. Since it should emphasize comfort, the living room is supposed to be clutter-free and simple. You can minimize the decoration to keep it clean.

Make the living room as comfortable as possible with furniture layout that looks neat and orderly. The white color in this room makes the decoration of the apartment’s living room feel spacious and warm.
Colorful furniture provides colors that attract the attention of someone who comes into your living room. Complete with a soft sofa and faux fur rug as the perfect finishing touch.
Give a little bohemian touch to the decoration of your apartment’s living room on the carpet thrown onto the wooden floor. The carpet will be a warm footwear. You can try it in your apartment.

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Bringing natural elements into the living room such as greenery gives a fresh look to everyone who comes to your home. You simply put the house plants around the window and on the table.

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An effective way to avoid clutter in minimalist living room decorations is to use furniture according to the size of the room used. In this way you can emphasize a good sense of comfort.

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2. Have a Minimalist Couch

When it comes to the couch, opt for the one with a simple design and neutral- colored fabrics to break the monotonous color. You can choose whichever size that suits your apartment and family as there are many options. Also, opt for a multipurpose sofa to save your minimalist apartment space for a sleepover.

Light gray sofa never bore when seen. This neutral color provides a non monotonous living room decoration solution. Also use large windows to provide natural soft light.
Couch placed in the living room will be a multipurpose furniture because in addition to a comfortable seat, the couch can also be a place to sleep. Own this furniture for your home.
Black and white minimalist living room gives a beautiful view in your home decor. Use the sofa with a neutral and soft color so that guests and families who come feel perfect comfort.
Minimalist sofa provides a neutral touch that must be tried in your living room. Round mirror that is hung on the wall will double because it can give a broad impression in your room.
So that your minimalist living room can be achieved properly, you can use a gray sofa covered with patterned carpet. Red brick walls provide a beautiful industrial decoration.

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3. Have a Multipurpose Coffee Table

Choose a neutral color palette with a feature helping your daily activity. It is better to have it with a dual purpose. A coffee table with a lifting tabletop feature can be used as a storage for magazines and board games.

Pallet coffee table coated with glass will be a simple furniture in the living room of the apartment. Besides being cheap, this coffee table is also easy to find in any building shop.

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Complete a pallet coffee table with wheels so you can easily move it to anywhere you need it. To make the table more multi functional, add a rack under the table as smart storage that saves space.
The green color on the pallet coffee table gives the feel of a lime that can be applied in the decoration of your living room. Draw with natural wallpapers like green plants for a sweet touch.
To save money on minimalist apartment decorations, you can use a pallet coffee table equipped with wheels. You do not need to paint this pallet to give a natural and warm touch to your room.
Eco-friendly furniture needs to be applied in your minimalist living room to give it a simpler appearance. Paint a pallet coffee table to make it look newer and more modern.

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4. Choose Color Base for Your Minimalist Apartment Room

Think about what color you want to use in your room. The color palette is important to emphasize cleanliness. White is one of the greatest natural colors since it makes your room look clean and wide.

In addition to soft, white is also the color of choice to display rooms look more spacious. This color will also lead you to decorations that look clean and don’t look boring.
The decoration of white and wooden material is a great idea to make your living room look simple but still attractive. Patterned carpet also makes the room not too monotonous.

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White decoration becomes one of the important elements when you want to make a living room decoration more spacious and different. Large windows will also help you put sunlight into the room.
So that all-white decoration in the living room looks more attractive then complete it with wall decorations to reinforce the design of artwork in the room. House plants that are placed in the corner of the room will also refresh the room naturally.

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5. Choose Simple Decoration for the Room

After deciding the color theme, you can add wall art in your room. Hanging a single piece of artwork on a neutral-colored wall will work better than multiple artworks. Also, adding some plants would be a great option to make your space more lively and fresh.

Change the living room of your apartment in a bohemian style. All you have to do is hang some artwork on a neutral wall and throw a boho blanket on a chair.
Abstract artwork that is hung on a neutral colored wall gives an easy and very simple decorating idea. Take advantage of house plants in the room to motivate you in beauty.
Take advantage of the empty wall space by hanging artwork as a lively impression in the living room. Green plants are the right choice to make the room more lively and fresh.

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Decorate the walls of the living room with beautiful artwork when viewed. Artwork that is placed close to other ornaments will look more beautiful and interesting.
Artwork that is hung on neutral-colored walls does not have to be one, more art is better. This is an easy way to decorate the walls as an interior dining room that is very beneficial for our eyes.

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Those are some ideas you can apply to have a minimalist apartment room. It does not only make you feel more comfortable but also eases your life as you do not keep unnecessary stuff around.

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