The authenticity of mid-century modern furniture and design can brighten a home in an instant. Popularized during the 1940s, this particular style withstood the time and still becomes the primary choice in beautifying any interior design. If you wish to bring yourself back in time, check out some of our top pieces of furniture below to inspire you!

Floating Fireplace

Proving itself as a testament to modernity, a floating fireplace indeed brings you the needed statement in any part of the house—especially if you seek that mid-century touch. Design one with a certain style, and have the stunning result immediately!

One of the inspirations for this hanging fireplace decoration is presented in the outdoor space dining room. This fireplace is placed at the corner of the wall so as not to interfere during activities.
This black hanging fireplace is presented in the living room to make it look modern and Mid Century style that looks different from the others. In applying this, you don’t need to be afraid because at the same time there is a chimney.
The modern Scandinavian or Mid Century style living room is suitable if you present a hanging fireplace that is positioned to be almost stuck to your wall so as not to interfere with activities inside the house.
Not only indoor, but you can also present it on the back porch of the house that is used for gathering. The fireplace should be placed in the middle of the room and on top of the wide round coffee table
This hanging fireplace has a modern mid century style with a circle shape. This can be presented in the open space between the dining room and living room which is used to warm the room with a different look.

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Statement Sculpture

Speaking of a statement, one eye-catching statue or two inside your house helps create an organic focal point. The thing about a mid-century modern sculpture is that it’s remarkably beautiful even in the most abstract designs. Hence: feel free to make your very own!

The sculpture ornament presented in the living room is in the Scandinavian style that is usually presented. This ornament can be placed on the white wooden table which is beside the fire place and can be used to put a round hat that is owned.
In case you want to present a sculptured ornament that resembles the character of a human face, you can let it place on the furniture to make it stand out for the limelight in your living room.

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This wooden statue of horse ornament in the form of a Scandinavian-style cabinet used to give the stronger impression which becomes a focal point at once.

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If your living room has applied the Scandinavian style, you should equip it with various ornaments, for example, this ornament that looks slick can be presented and placed in the elegant cabinet.
By presenting a large ornament in the form of a statue in this mid-style living room, you can try to apply it to inspire you for its layout.

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Rubberwood Chairs

Complement your modern lifestyle with sleek rubberwood dining chairs made with straightforward materials in clean lines. Having them in your house gives that significant portion of modernity in the mid-century modern you seek.

The chair in this dining room choose to have the natural wooden color. Then, it is provided with a brown rubberwood to give the perfect color.
If your dining room applies the modern mid-century style, you can choose furniture to complete it such as dining table and chair. For this time, the chair can be made of rubberwood so that it gives a perfect warm impression.

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To apply furniture like rubberwood, this can be used as a complement to the dining room, so you can feel the mid-century touch that is presented in this room combined with the round white dining table.

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You can apply the simple furniture in this dining room decoration that uses rubberwood on the dining table and chairs.
Almost all the furniture that is applied to the room is made of natural wooden materials where you can choose the rubberwood furniture.

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Book nerds should consider grouping all their reading materials inside an adjustable bookcase. With the fresh touch of a mid-century modern look, it’ll fit even more seamlessly with a lightweight design and solid substance.

The bookshelf is positioned at the corner so it does not take up a lot of space. This cabinet not only used for storing some of the books, but it can be used to store some small ornaments as well as for display.
Open bookshelf presented this time made of natural wood in mid-century style. In addition, besides storing the books, you can also use it to be the room divider between the living room.
The natural wooden open bookshelf that presented this time is felt with a touch of mid-century in the form of a vertical arrangement so that this cabinet can be strategically placed at the corner room.
This bookshelf style inspiration gives a vintage touch. The main function of this bookshelf is to store a few books, then also to put some ornaments if you still have the free space.
The large bookshelf that is presented here made of wooden material that gives a touch of two colors. Then, to make it looks attractive and cheerful, it is presented with a bright color.

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Brown Coffee Table

Accomplish the mid-century modern look with the addition of a classic brown coffee table, paired with favorite decorative pieces and fresh greeneries.

This brown wooden coffee table gives a slight touch of white on the drawer so it is suitable when applied to this mid century living room.
This simple brown coffee table for this mid-century living room is not only brown but also combined with dark gray. Not to make your coffee table looks boring, you can give a touch of the beautiful indoor plant.
This brown coffee table has a triangle shape in mid-century style where the top of it is filled with indoor plants and succulents so it doesn’t look plain.
This round brown coffee table style which has three levels is suitable if it is presented in this mid-century living room so that each level is able to adjust its layout for ornamentation, indoor plants, and books.
This inspirational mid-century living room presents a simple brown coffee table where the bottom part of the table can be used to store a number of books that you own.

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Those are some of the best pieces of mid-century modern furniture you can totally build on your own. Which one will you try to make?