25 Doable Backyard Ideas for Small Yards

A small backyard shouldn’t be the constraint for you when it comes to an upgrade. Those who live in an urban city with the limited size of garden or yard probably can relate to this issue, but we’re here to assure you that even a tiny yard space still can allow impressive transformation.

A Round Patio

Yes, you can have a patio: consider changing that one small corner space into a simple round patio with several small chairs, a fire pit, a barbecue grill nearby, and a tiny coffee table. If it’s going to get too packed, reducing it to two chairs and a table will surely work as well.

The round patio that is presented on your small backyard is made of natural stone by presenting a round fire pit and some black iron furniture to making it looks simple yet artsy.
By presenting a patio in the backyard which is based on a natural stone circular where it is presented with the wooden pallet chairs and DIY firepit made of metallic, you will such a worthy one. You can also draw a simple swing to give you a cozier patio.
If you want to apply a patio on your backyard, you should use a natural stone arranged in a circle form. You can also bring a variety of simple furniture such as natural wooden chairs and coffee tables. In order to warm up your body during the cold weather, add a black fire pit.
The round patio made of the natural stone arrangement by presenting several industrial furniture such as lounge chairs, coffee tables and chairs with round legs makes it looks really unique. You can also give a warm touch by presenting a fire pit.
It can be the inspiration for you if you want to defrost the round patio by presenting the round fire pit of natural stone arrangement to warm you up. If you want to be more comfortable with furniture from the rattan material, then add it with the soft pad for more comfort.

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Water Feature

Besides presenting a focal point, a garden water feature can add much-needed freshness, regardless of what shape or size you choose. Interestingly, it helps to de-emphasize the size restrictions of the yard—a surprising bonus, too, if we might add. 

If you want to apply the water feature to your backyard, you can use the clay jar for a simple touch. Then, give a restriction from the natural stone that surrounds the jar.
A simple water reservoir made of strong and waterproof wood that you can present in your backyard and functioned as the fountain. Then, to make it more attractive, apply a circular barrier with several fertile plants.
If you want to bring waters from used materials suitable for you to present in your simple backyard, just use the watering can and a bucket of zinc to be your flowing water container.
This time, the fountain displays two arrangements of the jar made of clay then gives the pebbles in the first arrangement as a filter of the water to keep it clear.
These simple waters are made of clay which has four arrangements that resemble fountains. Then, you can put it in the garden that is blended into one vertical arrangement and surrounded by the plants that you have.

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Vertical Box Gardening

The appeal of doing vertical box gardening is so strong that many homeowners that even have a vast backyard start doing it as well. Basically, this idea is your lifesaver when it comes to dealing with a small space yet still wants to have a stunning result.

Natural wooden ladder rack is propped on your garden fence and used as a container for your beautiful plants to make it looks simple yet really proper.

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If you want to bring a vertical gardening box, you can use several wooden pallets, then you arrange it to make it more attractive for your backyard. You can also give a touch of blue.
A vertical box garden inspiration that uses a wooden pallet then you lean on long chair furniture that is also made of wood. With this, you will have a simple touch yet functional to decorate your backyard.

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This vertical garden made of the old drawers which can be really functional and proper to grow the succulent. You can arrange the drawers so that it could be looked like a stair.
The arrangement of wooden boxes for containers of green plants is presented in your backyard. To make it looks more attractive, you should arrange it vertically so that it is easy to apply. You can also function it as a barrier or privacy fence.

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Side Gardening

Another doable trick for small gardens is by preserving the whole center area purely for a green grass field, while you line up all the sides with colorful plants! A side gardening helps to create the illusion of space and gives you a space to walk around, too.

Side gardening inspiration for your backyard by presenting green grass and some green plants applied near your backyard fence so that you can bring a touch of green to the backyard.
By giving a touch of green grass on the side gardening is highly recommended. In case you want the easy movement in the center of the garden, you combine the grass with the concrete. Then, combine it with several green plants that are applied near the fence.
If you want to apply the backyard with a base using green grass, you can try choosing the super quality one that is not itchy. Then, give a little touch of plants that are applied near the long bench that you provide.

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You can apply side gardening in the backyard of the house with a green atmosphere. Bring a touch of beautiful green grass and make a garden bed from concrete cast to give a touch of some beautiful flowers.

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An inspiring side gardening on the landscape of your home brings green grass combined with some beautiful plants and looks beautiful. Give a little touch with the pergola to make it looks artsy.

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Mosaic Pathway

Build or re-install the pathway in your yard into a much more colorful and full-on motif with a mosaic pathway—a detailed solution to a small yard without eating up space.

If you want to apply a mosaic-style pathway to the backyard, you can use several types of gravel and then arrange it in detail to produce good results. You can also apply some green plants around it.
To make your backyard looks more attractive and artsy, you should apply a mosaic-style pathway. To make it looks more beautiful, you can give a touch of pretty flowers around the pathway.

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For the striking display pathway, you should apply the mosaic style with natural stone slabs that looks beautiful. Then, give a touch of bright color to form the pattern.

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This square pathway made of the remaining material pieces of ceramic. By applying this, you can get a classic touch by presenting several ornaments around it.
This one is an artistic mosaic garden path with unique ancient motifs. The colorful design makes it become the focal point as you can apply it in your backyard to make your garden looks stand out.

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Our doable backyard ideas above are indeed guaranteed to spark you much-needed inspiration.

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