25 Inspiring Inground Pool Ideas to Plunge in

Plunging into the refreshing water of the swimming pool, especially when it’s the hot summertime, is the best thing you probably wanted. If you’re thinking about having one at home, check out some of the inspiring inground pool ideas below.

Evening Light Shows

Get your whole body bathed in beautiful light by installing swimming pool lighting in your favorite color. Whatever you choose will have their particular effect on the atmosphere and aura once the evening descends. Multicolored spotlights can also be your ultimate choice for this.

Choosing LED lights to highlight the pool is the right choice. Moreover, these LED lights have a beautiful light when meeting with the water.
If you want to have a modern appearance in your swimming pool, you can simply install an LED floodlight to complement it. Besides, swimming pools can also make an elegant appearance in your home.
Installing lights on the edge in a swimming pool can indeed make a different feel. Meanwhile, you just need to choose the color of the lamp you like.
The swimming pool is indeed the main attraction in your home, this time we use lighting that is able to create a beautiful view at night.
This swimming pool has a unique shape, not to mention the presence of lighting that highlights the pool makes a perfect appearance in your backyard. Apart from that, the different color lights make this pool beautiful.

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Bring more water into the equation by installing a pool waterfall structure on the pool edge or nearby. It’s no secret how the calming trickle of water sounds can soothe our feeling—an ideal situation whenever you require relaxation.

Combining waterfalls and swimming pools is such a good idea. In addition, the existence of the waterfall also makes a soothing sound in your pool.
The design of this swimming pool is featured with a very different design waterfall. You can place a lounge chair over the waterfall to get the comfort there.
The swimming pool design is amazingly beautiful as it has a waterfall adjacent to the lounge chairs which is in a very suitable placement.
This swimming pool is equipped with a minimalist waterfall to add an elegant impression. Besides, the existence of the firepit in a rather close spot with the pool used to add warmth when you swim.
This time the application of the waterfall is made rather high to get an elegant appearance. Meanwhile, the effect of pumice in the waterfall makes it feels natural.

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Long & Narrow

Your pool can come in just a long and narrow swimming pool instead of a wide and huge one. This design can significantly accommodate small yards, especially once you adjust it to the desired dimensions.

Complete the narrow backyard with this long swimming pool. You don’t need to be afraid if you want to have a swimming pool, where this sleek design can be found in your narrow yard.
If you have a narrow backyard, this long swimming pool might be your choice. In addition, you can also make a Jacuzzi fatherly complete it.
A swimming pool does not have to be wide. If you have a small backyard, the swimming pool with a long design can complement your backyard.
The long swimming pool that integrates with the jacuzzi can indeed be your choice that has a narrow backyard. In addition, you can also add a small waterfall in the middle.
The narrow swimming pool design is equipped with a natural wooden deck. In addition, you can also provide plants by the pool for the natural touch.

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Garden Party

Enhance the look of your inground pool by taking in the concept of a delightful and lush pool garden. Make some time to plant more greeneries and flowers, and trim away grasses to make the yard appear much neater.

This swimming pool displays the plants around it, not to mention the neatly cut grass makes a perfect appearance. In addition, a pool that is not too big makes you comfortable in this pool.
This one is the design of a beautiful swimming pool with some flowers on the side. Besides that, the existence of the big trees around makes the pool feels cooler.
Swimming pools do need green plants to compliment your pool surroundings. Not only to create fresh air, but it also makes your pool looks attractive.

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This tropical-themed swimming pool makes your backyard more perfect. Mix it with coconut trees and flowers to beautify it.
This modern swimming pool has a beautiful curve shape. Hence, it is added with plants and flowers to make this swimming pool looks stunning.

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Natural Stones

For those with an extra budget and wish to have a completely new look, we suggest you re-tile the pool ground with stones like lava stones, limestone, granite, or quartzite. Natural stone pools sometimes come with quality like slip-resistance and water purifying compounds, which are super attractive additions you can totally consider.

This time, the ground pool uses a brightly colored pumice deck. In addition, the jacuzzi at the top is accompanied by a waterfall to make a different appearance.

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This ground pool is made to inspire you if you want to have a different swimming pool. It is equipped with stone plate accents to make a more prominent natural look.
This swimming pool looks beautiful that combines flowers and stones into one. Moreover, equipped with waterfalls on several sides will add an amazing impression.

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If you are looking for a natural pool decoration, this design might inspire you. Using stone accents that complement it makes a different appearance.
This ground pool has a beautiful stone accent, especially in the corner where there is a multilevel waterfall that adds an elegant impression to this swimming pool.

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We do hope the pool ideas above inspire you after this!

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