25 Modern Sofa that are Best for Living Room

Choosing a living room sofa set is sometimes not as easy as planned. Aside from many factors that need to consider, the variety of sofa choices out there often makes us confused. So, for those of you who are looking for modern sofa ideas, check out the following tips.

1. Look for the Right Size


Avoid picking a sofa with a disproportionate size, whether it is too big or even small. Therefore, before buying a new sofa, consider the empty area that you will use to put it. After that, check approximately how much space is needed for the sofa set that you are going to buy.

An elegant white sofa with a medium size gives a luxurious look to your modern living room.

The size of the sofa that is too large may run the risk of consuming floor space in your living room. This white sofa is an example of a proportional size in a large living room.

Proportional living room sofa with neutral ash color makes the narrow living room look relieved.

Comfortable white sofa placed in the living room without take up too much of floor space.

Place a long pink sofa following the contour of the curved living room to maximize the living room area.

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2. Pick One that Has a Robust Frame


Because a sofa will be used for years, pick one that has a robust frame. A sofa frame made of sturdy wood is a pretty good choice, of course, because this material is known to be strong and durable. Also, avoid not-so-good materials, such as regular plywood, wood boards, and medium-density fiberboard.

Classic living room with antique sofas whose frames are made with sturdy old wood to inspire the decoration of your living room.

A sturdy sofa frame with a layer of faux brown leather sofa that is expected to be durable.

Although small, it is advisable to choose a sofa by measuring its weight. Gray sofa with sturdy frame might be an option.

The sturdy frame on the sofa clearly provides durability. This modern gray sofa might suit you.

Do not be tempted by cheap prices when it comes to choosing a living room sofa. A sturdy soft gray and green sofa you can choose to beautify your living room.

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3. Check the Seat Foam


Always choose a modern sofa set with high-quality foam. Aside from giving you the comfort, this type of living room sofa will stay longer. Additionally, avoid picking sofas with seat foam that is too soft or hard because it does not feel comfortable.

Comfortable living room with a cream color sofa that matches the color of the living room wall. The selection of foam that is not too thin makes the living room atmosphere warmer.

White sofa with thick but high quality foam fills the living room with blue walls.

A comfortable beige sofa and a single blue sofa complete the wood floors living room.

Cozy beige sofa with medium foam gives comfort and fits into this rustic theme living room.

Vintage living room with dark green velvet sofa with red plaid combination to inspire your living room decor.

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4. Go for a Convenient Sofa Upholstery


Pay attention to the aspect of aesthetics and functionality when choosing sofa upholstery. Suede, for instance, does look beautiful, but it is not pet-friendly. It’s also very easy to be torn apart. Thus, always prefer a layered material that suits the condition of your home.

Pale white cloth as a sofa upholstery was chosen to create a clean vintage impression.

To create a feminine impression, try lining your living room sofa with soft pink cloth.

A charming living room with thick purple sofa upholstery for attractive contrast.

If your living room sofa has thin foam, use a rather thick upholstery for the comfort of the sofa.

Soft faux fur you can use as a sofa upholstery for extra comfort.

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5. Match the Color


When choosing a living room sofa, you have to pay attention to the color of the floor and furniture. A bright color sofa will become a focal point in your living room. However, if you prefer a warm impression, a neutral color is the key.

Modern gray sofa complements the clean modern feel of the living room.

To highlight the modern rustic-style living room, arrange a bright green single sofa in the corner of your living room.

Dark gray sofa adds a warm impression to the living room with a dark fireplace.

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Stunning living room with bright yellow lemon sofa spotlight to inspire the decoration of your living room.

The living room with a white theme is equipped with a thick yellow sofa for attractive contrast.

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Got new inspiration? Follow the guide above to find the best modern sofa for your living room.

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