25 Storage Cabinet Options for your Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Cabinet storage is an essential thing that must be considered in your kitchen. In addition to influencing the overall appearance of the kitchen, you also need to choose the right cabinet so that it can accommodate all the kitchen utensils and ingredients for cooking. So, you need to ensure you have the correct cabinets that useful but still look stunning and incredible.

Here some option for cabinet storage kitchen that may help you choose, especially when you want to apply rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas:

1. Bureau with Raw Wood

One of the characteristics of rustic design is that the material still looks raw and natural. Wood is one of the basic material choices for a rustic kitchen. You can use crude wood cupboards as storage. It can carry a warmth atmosphere towards the kitchen. The expansion of little open racks alongside is both elaborate and an incredible decision for giving additional extra room in a little kitchen. It’s perfect for your rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas.

Charming kitchen decor with storage and chair set from raw wood. Wooden boards are used for open storage to put your decoration to add a rural element to your kitchen.

A beautiful rustic kitchen with wooden storage, wooden floor, wooden ceiling and brick wall to complete your kitchen decoration.

The combination of raw wood in the storage area and brick walls in the kitchen are enough to represent the kitchen in a rustic style.

Storage with raw wood is also very suitable to be combined with natural color walls that are not painted.

Rustic kitchen with open storage space made of raw wood to store your kitchen furniture.

Rustic kitchen style with large open storage area under the sink and stove to inspire your kitchen decor.

You can also apply fingers with raw wood to your kitchen storage room so that water at plates and glasses are drained quickly after washing.

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In addition to storage space from raw wood, you can also apply it to your kitchen furniture. Like chopped onion boards with raw wood.

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A rustic kitchen style with lots of storage space with raw wood boards to store a lot of kitchen furniture.

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2. Utilizing Rattan Basket 

Besides being functional, setting down rattan baskets can beautify the kitchen room. Especially on rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas, this rattan basket will provide the vintage feel and rustic impression. You can put it alongside the shelf, or simply under the table. You can complete the rattan work with information labels to make easier to find what you need.

A modern kitchen with a rustic style and rattan baskets placed in an open storage to enhance your kitchen decor.

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You can put some baskets of rattan in this rustic kitchen style. In addition to decorate to beautify the kitchen, rattan baskets can be used to store your kitchen furniture.

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An attractive rustic kitchen style with rattan baskets and classic kitchen furniture made of ceramics to inspire your kitchen decor.

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Rattan baskets can also be used to store fruits placed under the table.

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Versatile rattan baskets can also be used as trash bins. In addition to plastic trash cans, this idea makes the rural feel of the kitchen thicker.

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Rattan baskets of various shapes and sizes according to open cabinets are useful for beautifying your rustic kitchen style decor.

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A beautiful rustic kitchen style with several rattan baskets as decorations as well as towels or napkins.

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An outstanding rustic kitchen style with a clay kitchen counter top and complete with antique furniture including rattan baskets to inspire your kitchen decor.

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3. One Simply Coloured Cabinets

Simple and unassuming, this design is classic, functional, and easy to achieve. Simple white cabinets, dull darker, or dim cobalt blue can be options for a complement for your beautiful rustic kitchen. Gives the impression of being basic, clean, and exquisite. Utilise a cupboard that has bunches of extra room because each rack can be utilised to put ingredients and kitchen utensils.

Simple decoration in a traditional kitchen style with white kitchen cabinets and sliding doors made of raw wood.

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Modern rustic kitchen decor that is cool with soft colors on the kitchen cabinet and wood accents in some parts to beautify your kitchen.

You can apply natural brown color in your rustic kitchen style decor, including kitchen cabinet and dining table.

The light gray in your kitchen cabinet matches the wooden floor and ceiling frame of raw wood.

You can also try white patterned marble to create a rustic impression in your kitchen decor.

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The dull blue color in the kitchen cabinet creates a classic atmosphere in your rustic kitchen style.

The white color of the bones in the kitchen cabinet are in harmony with the wood flooring and unprocessed wood ceiling.

The last rustic kitchen style has a white theme. This color makes a spacious and elegant impression in the kitchen room.

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When you decide the cabinet storage kitchen for your rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas, the important one is not to forget the function of the cabinet itself, meanwhile the design still can blend well with the rustic style.

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