27 Lovely Handmade Pallet Wood Furniture Design Inspirations

Pallet woods have long been deemed as one of the most recommended materials for furniture design, and it doesn’t require rocket science to know why. Many people shift to make their furniture on their own using these woods, and there are already a lot of creative DIY projects out there ready to inspire you. Below are some of our top picks.

Pallet Wood Dog Bed

Why waste money to buy an expensive dog bed? Consider re-constructing some of your pallet woods into a DIY dog bed where your dog can lie down and rest comfortably. The thing is, of course, you can customize its measurement according to your dog’s body size as well.

This blue wooden dog bed looks fresh which added with the black spot to write the dog’s name. Don’t forget to add fabric for the warmth.
The weathered color concept seems matches for this dog’s bed as it is given with the brown pad to create the rustic impression.
Although doesn’t give any color, but this wooden dog’s bed looks attractive with the red pas provided for the comfort.
Look at how the dog’s bed could be designed into the bunk bed. You can paint it in black color to give the fierce look.
It is really interesting where the rustic wooden dog’s bed paired with the modern pad pattern. Moreover, it is added with the soft blue color for the beauty.

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Pallet Wood Bathtub Tray

Turn your bathroom into a spa in an instant by making a pallet wood bathtub tray that’ll work well in placing your toiletries and bathroom necessities. Spending time now in the bathtub becomes ten times much cozier, isn’t it?

This one is a really simple and basic bathtub tray where it is useful to put your book and a glass of wine to enjoy your bathing moment.

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This bathtub tray has a ladder design that is unique. You can have it in ivory color to match your white bathroom color scheme.

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The wooden tray provided here has a wide design that will be more functional if you need to put lot of things for your bathing quality time.

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Wooden pallets can be used as a complement to bathroom decor. Like this one with a pallet board above the bathtub, you can have texture for your bathtub tray for more aesthetic look.

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The wooden pallet tray provided here looks really harmonious with the wall beside the bathtub. Try this one if you love matching things.

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DIY Entryway Bench

Don’t get stressed again over untidy shoes at the front door entrance. Build a DIY entryway bench with racks accommodating all your shoes—yes, all of them—so that they have their sweet home.

This entrance decoration has a good color combination. With a simple palette bench, it provides a very useful storage.
Decoration with wooden pallets may be simple but has an interesting impression. By making a bench from wooden pallets that completed with the storage under, you will have such a functional bench.
This decoration does have a simple impression. Only by using a bench made of wooden and painted into green color, it won’t be only functional but also pretty in a fresh look.

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Rustic is the impression that trying to be implemented into this bench. Without any touches, you can easily create the style. MAtch it with the old wall pictures.
Look at how awesome this bench with the cabinet under. It will be really useful to store your stuff like shoes, socks, and more.

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Pallet Coffee Table

And not just an ordinary coffee table, but make it into a lift-top custom coffee table! It may seem like a complicated procedure at a glance, but the result, once done, can benefit you greatly in terms of functionality and practicality at the same time.

This coffee table has a simple decoration which is made of wood pallets and has storage under.
It could be the suggestions for the simple decorations that you can make yourself. With a coffee table made of wooden pallets and incorporated into the decoration of the living room, you can give an attractive impression in a simple way.
This one is the removable table with the wheels provided. It matches well for you who have small living room space so that you can move it in case you need the space for other needs.
In white color, this graded coffee table looks functional and calming. Especially with the matching teapot and cups.
Although doesn’t have any color, but this coffee table looks really sleek. You can make it in grades so that you can function as the storage.

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Pallet Sofa

If you have quite some time to kill, consider building your own sofa from the pallet woods, too. Pallet sofas can be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on where you need it, and they’re also pretty easy to take care of.

If you are bored with your current decoration, you can make this kind of decoration. With palette wood material for the sofa frame and the coffee table, you will get such a harmonious furniture.
An unfinished wood pallet seems to be awesome too to be combined with the black sofa and colorful floral cushions. It looks modern yet rustic.
Although in a wood material sofa frame, but it looks really modern and fierce with the simplicity as it painted in all black color. Combining it with the white color is a good choice for the modern impression.
The wood application for the furniture here is really harmonious where the wood pallet is painted in all white color then combined with black color.
You can also use the wooden pallet sofa frame for your outdoor furniture. This one is really matching and simple with all-white color applied for all aspects.
Combining the wood pallet sofa frame with the green pad seems to be good as it has the matching natural colors. Try this and have a peaceful and fresh home impression.
Painting the sofa frame into red color can be a good idea if you want the standout one. Combine it with the dark blue pad color for a good color mix..

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Those are the lovely handmade pallet wood furniture designs we highly recommend. Try one now!

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