3 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Your Beautiful House

When talking about plants, we cannot separate them from maintenance and arrangement. When it comes to arrangement, the need for planter arises. It is a great tool to keep your plants organized and pretty. However, such a thing doesn’t need to be fancy. Used things will do as long as you treat your plants well.

Below are some ideas to get creative with used things for your garden.

1. Old Wheelbarrow

If you have some construction or gardening tools, a wheelbarrow can be one of them. However, seeing an unused old wheelbarrow in your garage is unpleasant. It is too big for decoration and too rusty to be redesigned. 

Now, you can use it for your plants. If you need some drainage holes, grab a drill. You can also roll your garden to the place where the light shines the most. That way, you have made use of the old wheelbarrow as a planter and as an exercise tool.

Unused Creative Flower Planter from Old Cart will make your garden more attractive. Add some flowers to complement your garden decor.

Interesting flower spots from old wagon that placed on the porch for you to try. This method will make your porch decorations look more presentable.

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To enhance the decoration of your garden to make it look more attractive, you can add old unused carts. Add some flowers will still look perfect.

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If you don’t have enough land to make a garden, using an old wagon is the right idea. Add greenery to create a fresh atmosphere in your garden.

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Garden beds from old wagons for planting flowers and greenery can give a neat impression to your garden.

A garden bed from an old cart for your garden decoration is a good idea to give it a rustic feel. Add some flowers to complement your garden decor.

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A garden planter from an old wagon will enhance your garden decor. This idea can make your garden looks more beautiful without having to be complicated.

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2.Gutter Planter

It is amazing how the gutter can also be used for your outdoor planter. Besides for its affordable material reason, it is also really easy to formed. In this case, you can create certain different style of planter by using the gutter. Here, you can set it as the hanging planter, the rack planter, ladder planter, or simply set if forward the wall. Here are the references of the gutter planter that might be possible to make.

To make your plants grow well, using water gutters is the right idea. This garden can you hang on the garden to attract people’s attention.

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Using a gutter planter can improve the appearance of your garden. Plant your plants on it to get a neat look and place it on your garden fence.

You can try garden planter from gutter in your garden. Hang it on a garden fence to give an attractive impression.

Garden planter from gutter to grow vegetables looks perfect. Attach it to the porch to get a meanric impression.

To make your garden neat and fresh, you can use a vertical garden from a water gutter. Install on the porch of your home for an attractive appearance.

You can try Creative Flower Planter from Gutter. Attach it to your garden and mix it with some other plants for a perfect view of your garden.

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Growing vegetables using gutters and hanging them on a garden fence will keep your plants fresh and still look perfect.

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3. Women’s Bag

There is no denying that women have lots of bags, and all those will age over time. When those bags age, you cannot sell them since no one will be happy to accept them. Instead of spending cash for a new planter, why don’t you make one from your aged bag?

Yes, it sounds a little bit odd. However, odd can means out of the box, and being out of the box is always a good thing. By doing this, you have done two things at once. Those are going green by recycling your aged bag and turning your garden into a movable one. Clever, right?

Simple garden decoration with Woman Bag as a garden planter looks more unique. used women’s bags for planting plants will give a unique feel to make the environment feel comfortable.

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A peaceful garden place by adding used women’s bags to plant flowers and greenery will enhance your garden decor to get a beautiful and neat look.

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Using a used woman’s bag for garden decoration will make your garden more neat and unique. Combine with other tanman to make it look more beautiful.

Attractive garden decoration by adding a used bag as your plant planter. This method is a good idea to make your garden more organized.

To make your garden more organized, using a used woman’s bag will never fail. You can use several plants and flowers to create an attractive appearance in your garden.

Using a used woman’s bag will make your garden more attractive. To make it more interesting you can paint with your favorite colors and hang it on your garden fence to make it look more attractive.

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Unique garden decoration by using a used woman’s bag to plant some plants will make it look beautiful.

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Never say that you cannot arrange your messy plants again! Now, are you ready to get planter for your plants?

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