5 Gorgeous Winter Bedroom Style Concepts

Implementing a new winter bedroom style should be done in style with the right ideas and concepts. Considering that the season is particularly crisp frosts and chilly breeze, the bedroom is the best place to snuggle comfortably and warmly.

Tons of ways are available to achieve this mission, and we want to cover you with the needed grounds. Check out the compiled list of five winter bedroom style ideas below to enhance the room’s feeling and atmosphere during the cold season! After doing this, it’s guaranteed you to spend lots of time in the bedroom with maximum convenience.

1. Sheets and pillowcases

Step aside from your usual bed sheets and pillowcases, and change these with more substantial, winter-weight fabrics like flannelette to keep your body warm throughout the sleep. Don’t bother about colors—as long as they suit the overall room decor, feel free to experiment!

Complete your black sheets with colorful pillowcases. Black and white provide a monochromatic style that is perfect for decorating your bedroom.

Sheets and pillowcases made of flannel provide maximum warmth in winter. Add greenery wreath for the best bedroom decoration.

To give warmth to your room, use knit sheets and pillowcases. The gray color is muted for decorating your bedroom.

Bedroom decor uses faux fur sheets and pillowcases will provide warmth in winter. Using shades of brown is one of the representatives of natural colors.

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Sheets and pillowcases all in white give a natural impression. Use thick material to anticipate extreme weather in winter.

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2. Throws and cushions

What’s the meaning of bedroom without cozy and fluffy pillows to tug in? Consider throwing chunky knit blankets or cushions to the mattress, and try ones with cheerful extra accents like fringes, pom-poms, and tassels.

The bedroom is equipped with tassels throws to make your sleep feel warm in winter. Complete with several furniture to provide its own comfort to your bedroom.

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Pompom cushions for decorating your bedroom will give you a warm feeling so it’s more comfortable. Add knit blankets to provide the perfect winter atmosphere.

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To beautify your winter bedroom, use tassels throws. This thing makes bedroom look more cute and warm.

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Add pompom throws for winter bedroom decorations, and complete with some other furniture to make it look perfect when seen.

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Tassels throws arranged on a mattress create a festive atmosphere in your bedroom. Besides this throws help warm your body from extreme winter weather.

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3. Curtain

You can skip this if your bedroom doesn’t have windows. A change of curtain, on the other hand, will put your old ones to rest after seeing better days. Either focusing on luxurious velvet or simple floral motifs, it’s time to see the falling snow better through a new set of bedroom curtains.

If you want to choose curtains for winter bedroom decor, you can use them from thick velvet. Open the window when you want to see snow outside.

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Using a little floral curtain will give the impression of perfect warmth in winter. Add a bright nightstand to enhance your room’s decor so it looks more attractive.

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To give the feel of a warm winter in your room, using shades of white is the right idea. Velvet curtain will give you warmth and look more classy.

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4. Lighting

Curling up with an excellent book or simply snuggling under the blanket won’t happen without a lovely light in the bedroom. Try to place a reading lamp if you haven’t already, and place a new table lamp to add more illumination without getting blinded by the lights.

To give a warm feel to your bedroom, using a high table lamp is the right idea. Throw knit blankets to complete your bedroom so it looks more perfect.

Lighting in the winter bedroom is needed to add to the warm atmosphere. For example you can use table lamps on the right and left of your bed.

If the hanging lamp is too bright at night, you can use small table lamps. This lighting is needed during the season because it can add to the warm atmosphere.

Bright table lamps will remove the gloom of winter with warm tones in your room. Add wooden nightstand to enhance your room decor so it looks neater.

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Square table lamps can help light up your bedroom, besides that this lamp also functions as a warmth enhancer when you sleep.

Do you want to sleep comfortably and warmly in winter? Use enough lighting, cute table lamps are highly recommended for decorating your bedroom.

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5. Candles

Bedroom candles aren’t for lighting if you wonder, but rather a gentle addition that’ll give off a more delightful vibe, or scent if you purchased scented ones. They also emit a warmer, calming mood amidst the cold winter.

To avoid chills in winter, you can use candles by placing them in several areas. Warmth is guaranteed, and the spark of decorative elements is without doubt.

Bohemian winter bedroom decor with a few candles makes the room look warm and comfortable. Unpack string lamps to help light up your bedroom.

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Place a candle on your bedroom nightstand which aims to get a warm atmosphere in winter. String lights can enhance your decor.

Decorating a winter bedroom with a layer of cloth on the bed will give you the perfect warmth. Add a candle holder to make it look more beautiful.

To give warmth to your room, add a candle holder above the nighstandt. Use faux fur blanket to warm your body.

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From all these winter bedroom style concepts and ideas, we hope there’s something (or two) that can match your preference.


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