5 How to Refresh Your Balcony Decor with Plants and Flowers

Flowers and green plants are great options for balcony décor. They are widely available, fresh, and injecting “life” to your house. Regardless of the balcony size, you can add plants and flowers in creative ways. Here are some great ideas to incorporate plants in your balcony decoration.

1. Flowers in Hanging Metal Planters

You can easily find metal planters that can be hung directly on the railings. They are available as small individual pots or larger square planters. Plant beautiful flowers that don’t require too much attention, such as daisies and marigold.

Hanging metal planters on a fence are a creative and cool idea to refresh your balcony decor.

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Metal wire baskets can be wonderful projects that save money and improve the entire look of your home.

Hanging metal planter with various forms of white pots on it to freshen up your balcony decor.

A beautiful balcony decor with colorful metal pots that hung on the fence for the balcony decoration. Fill them with colorful flowers get a cheerful impression.

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A beautiful balcony with a metal hanging flower planter that hung on wood trellis to decorate your balcony.

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2. Greens in Wicker Planters

For something lighter and easier to move around, you can place individual wicker planters on the balcony. Plant green plants with noticeable leaves, such as snake plants, aloe, and parlor palms. These green plants will refresh your eyes when you step out to the balcony.

These lovely hanging wicker baskets add definition to the long outdoor seating group on the balcony.

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Rattan woven planters is suitable to decorate the balcony. You can mix items with different materials and colors to get a beautiful result.

The greenery that placed in the wicker planter can give an easy way to move. This is also can give a natural impression in your balcony.

You can apply basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary to this wicker planter so you will have a fresh spices to cook.

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A simple but attractive balcony decoration with a wicker planter is very beautiful and easy to move for your balcony decor inspiration.

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3. Vertical Garden

Your balcony can serve as a vertical garden. For a balcony with limited size, attach several planters vertically on a trellis, or place them on small shelves. You can also replace the herbs with strawberries. When the fruits appear, the red color will brighten your balcony.

The idea of ​​a vertical garden on a balcony by hanging some pots, classic lights, and watering can improve your balcony decor.

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Attaching a vertical garden to the window of your balcony can make can organize your small garden. So, you will have an attractive balcony look.

With minimal space and effort, this vertical garden is perfect for the small balcony of your home. You can use this idea to plant your herbs.

Arrange some boards and hang several pots on it and place on your balcony, where it will receive some sun.

If you live in an apartment then every inch of space is precious for you, having a vertical garden can greatly add more planting space.

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4. Planters with Flowering Shrubs

Place pots and planters on every available space in the balcony and fill them with flowering shrubs. Their robust look will add a fresh, natural look to your house. Some ideal flowering shrubs for easy home gardening include azalea, aster, andromeda, and begonia. Combine these plants with shrubs that have noticeable heights, such as snapdragon, zinnia, butterfly bush, and flowering maple.

The main advantage of growing plants on a balcony is that it remains comparatively warmer than regular gardens.

Still you should do some things to warm the pots and plants, do heavy mulching with organic matter and protect them from the cool air.

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Take inspiration from living wall elements, try to use vertical wall space to plant flowering shrubs for decorating your balcony.

A range of herbaceous perennials, grasses, small shrubs, herbs and even fruit and vegetables can be used to decor your lovely balcony.

Create interesting interlocking zones with distinctive materials, such as flowering shrubs in every corner of your balcony.

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5. Boxwood Balcony

Boxwood is the easiest balcony shrub you can plant as the first effort. It can grow in any climate and temperature, easy to maintain, and quite hardy. Boxwood consists of around 70 species, so you have quite generous options to decorate your balcony.

In addition to decorating your balcony, this boxwood also serves as a safety for your home balcony decor.

A charming balcony with boxwood decorations of various sizes for an attractive green space.

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If you want green plants that are simple and don’t need a lot of special care on the balcony of your home, boxwood is the answer for that.

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The simple design, boxwood can makes your home balcony seem neat and clean.

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Plants and flowers will refresh your balcony, creating a nice treat for the eyes and improving the air quality. Pick any plants that match your personality as the balcony décor and create a visual treat for when you wake up in the morning!

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