5 Modern Sliding Barn Door Ideas for your House

When you think about sliding barn door, the first thing that comes in your mind might be something outdated, probably from the countryside. However, with the real estate price rising every year, the space-saving nature of modern sliding barn door comes into play, making it all the rage again. The swinging door typically needs 9 feet or more space to properly function, and in space-starved house build, every foot of space saved is a foot to gain. That, combined with the low cost needed to build a functional, modern barn door, allows barn door to enjoy its popularity currently.

Need some inspiration on modern sliding barn door design? Read on.

1. Non-fussy, simplistic barn door maximizes functionality

This single piece barn door blends perfectly with the wall and does exactly what it is supposed to do – to “protect” the room. The door is designed to be unobtrusive, and it adds a personality to the already cool room.

Rustic touch in modern design bedroom. Especially, for the sliding door, it’s a rustic touch idea. For simplicity also who wants the rustic style at the same time this idea is perfect.

Mid-country style bedroom idea with sliding barn door. The wooden accent in the bedroom is giving a warm sensation too. Not only that but also make you calming in there.

White bedroom decoration mixed with wooden accents. Of course, the wooden touch on the sliding door giving a natural impression. You will be love this decoration too.

Distressed sliding barn door in the bedroom idea. It might be good options for you, especially who want to mix the minimal design with the rustic. The ceiling covered by wood too.

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2. Industrial barn door that screams “modern”

With metal plates wrapped around the wooden piece, the industrial-looking barn door screams “modern” without even trying. It is functional, cool, and eye-catching.

Industrial barn sliding door in the living room giving an extra-large space look. The wooden line looks impressive with unfinished material. In addition to being best also strong enough give it a metal plate at the top.

Black two-side sliding barn door. It’s multifunctional furniture, to be like a door as well windows in the room. It gives you more lighting from outdoor also fresh air when the windows are opened.

Unfinished wooden material at barn sliding door. This door looks so strong also matchable with the room decoration. Simple such as a not too much messy-look.

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Red barn door with a two-face sliding style. This door is perfect to place between the living room and the dining room. Then you’ll get awesome look decoration also give a rustic-style.

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3. Classic barn door meets modern, cozy small office

Equipped with a small window on top of the door, this barn door design allows the chic modern office to shine more. The window also offers some breathing space so that the office does not look very cramped.

Elegant sliding barn door in the home office room. However, the deep green in the door match with the wall color instead of in the wall inside the room.

Bright wooden color in the sliding door gives a contrast look. Instead, the deep white of the wall color dominated the decoration of the room. Besides the desk have a cupboard behind that is made from the wood.

Japan-style sliding door idea. For those who love japan decoration, should be love this door too. The shaping style on the top-side of the sliding door have a special carving with glass touch.

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4. Teal pop barn door is simple and cute

If you like cute things, you will love this teal pop barn door. It looks modern and cute, befitting a house made for newlyweds.

Charming red sliding door that has a two-sideway. Best of all is about the color touch, make a contrast look with the others. But at least this still worth it to have.

Teal pop barn door in the room. To get a simple use door also creative decoration at the same time. Then give it to the teal pop barn door. The light brown color of the door makes a good to look at.

Glass sliding barn door for the washing room. It’s a good and suitable for this area exactly. The door supports to easy to use also give a best look decoration in this room.

White sliding barn door behind the home office room. Make it not too much to take a space in the room when open the door. The best choice is the sliding door like this one.

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5. Chalkboard barn doors add functionality to the door

With a chalkboard that can be written by anyone in the home or office, this barn door adds functionality as a communal hub and easily blends with the design of any home.

Instead of the sliding door but also the chalkboard at the same time. This multifunctional sliding door that can be your reminder to write on it.

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Let’s have fun with the sliding barn door. With a chalkboard base, so the kids can be having fun with. Write everything that they want then erase it when finished.

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Creative sliding door with chalkboard basic material. You can draw an art like this, unique art also give an awesome decoration in the door. In fact, this could be the warehouse door.

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All those modern sliding barn doors look nice in your house and add some personality. So why don’t you try implementing them?

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