Awesome Tropical Pool Landscaping Ideas

Stressing over having a decent pool landscaping is so yesterday. You can choose to have the inground pool with the certain designs you want. People love tropical now; people bring it to their house. Are you interested in spending a non-existent vacation at any time you want, because you have this tropical paradise right within an arm’s length? Check out some of our award-winning ideas below.

Bali Style

What spells the word “tropical” more rather than Bali? This island makes you save money to have a nice one-week or two-week vacation, but imagine having a Bali private pool with natural water slide installed in island-style backyard stones—a vacation every day but zero expense.

Implementing a Balinese-style swimming pool is one of the most sought after by many people. Apart from having a beautiful tropical design, a Bali-style swimming pool is an amazing design.

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This swimming pool has several tropical plants which are very helpful to make this swimming pool feel fresh with the stone effect that is used to make a natural appearance.
The simple design does not make this Balinese-style swimming pool unpopular. You can make it in the backyard as landscaping where you will never get bored here.
This small swimming pool adopts a very thick Balinese style. You can add palm trees and some other greenery to make you feel happy here.

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Providing lot of tropical plants is not a problem for this Balinese-style swimming pool. If you want to have a different landscape in your backyard, this swimming pool might be an option.

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Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

An outdoor fireplace near the tropical swimming pool serves as a focal point, as well as a source of warmth when the temperature gets lower. Get the very most out of it with statement material: marble, wooden, or huge rocks, so that everything turns out precisely marvelous.

Adding a fireplace in a tropical swimming pool can indeed add beauty to your backyard. Besides, this swimming pool can also be used to relax comfortably.

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The stone is one of the tips for making a tropical swimming pool, let alone equipped with these shining palm trees. In addition, you can also add a firepit on the side of the pool to make you relax here.

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The effect of the stone in a tropical swimming pool can be one of its main attractions. Not to mention, the existing fire pit in this pond makes a different scene.
This modern tropical-style swimming pool is one of the amazing backyard designs. In addition, you can add a fire pit on the side of the pool to create warmth there.
Adding a fire pit in a pool corner is one of the different things. Moreover, this tropical swimming pool has a towering palm tree to create more beauty.

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Becoming One with Your Home

A tropical pool can be indoor and integrated with the rest of your home. This idea probably suits those who live in minimal residences with an urban setting, thanks to its sleekness and practicality. The indoor tropical pool, moreover, resists the power of sudden rains.

If you have a house in urban areas, maybe you can make this indoor pool in a tropical style. In addition, besides to make the appearance of an elegant home, your house can also look fresh with this design.

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This indoor pool features stone accents that make this pool a natural look. Meanwhile, tropical plants in the pool add a different impression.
Create this stunning tropical indoor swimming pool for your home. This tropical swimming pool has distinctive plants that can add perfect views.
If you have a large backyard, maybe you can make this elegant indoor pool. Add a large stone accent in it and combine it with palm plants.
If you want to have an indoor pool, maybe you are copying this tropical-style swimming pool. With a modern design, this swimming pool has a sturdy glass and metal roof.

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Small Tropical Pool

Your tropical dream pool doesn’t always have to come in huge size. Go for a little tropical pool instead if you’re tight on a budget and space. Nobody claims that a tiny pool can’t be transformed authentically; with some proper tropical shrubs, plants, and stones, you’ve done something magical too.

Making a small tropical swimming pool is a very smart design because a tropical-style swimming pool has its own charm in your home.
This small swimming pool is surrounded by neatly arranged palm trees. Equipped with a patio and relaxed seating makes this pool feel luxurious.
This small tropical-style swimming pool features trees and greenery surrounding it. In addition to that, there is a relaxed seat right at the pool so you can relax comfortably.
Using a large rock deck can enhance this tropical-style swimming pool. Especially in this swimming pool planted with palm trees that can make your swimming pool feel shady.
Having a modern home, this small tropical-style swimming pool can be your choice. In addition, you can add palm trees to complement it.

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A Stunning Staycation

Intertwine the magic of a tropical vacation by merging elements like pool sun deckslush greens, access to direct sunlight, etc. A stunning staycation indeed is underway.

The swimming pool is equipped with a deck that you can sunbathe after swimming. Equipped with palm trees around it make this swimming pool looks more perfect.
Making a swimming pool should also pay attention to the side deck, you can make it taller to make your place sunbathing. In addition, you can add tropical plants on the side.
Having a rather high deck swimming pool can be used for sunbathing after you swim. Add palm trees and green trees to make it fresher.
This tropical swimming pool is equipped with a fountain, in addition to the deck made of stone, this can also be for you to relax and sunbathe. Add a palm tree to add to the impression of topics in this pool.
This elegant swimming pool has a deck that you can sunbathe beside the pool. Moreover, you can also make this swimming pool looks tropical with the palm plants that are beside this pool.

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Which tropical pool landscaping ideas will you try?

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