Best 3 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas for You to Try

A bathroom must be everyone’s favorite place when it’s morning time so that keeping it nice to visit is important. If you want to have a modern, classy, and elegant bathroom, you must opt for a minimalist style. This style believes to avoid excessive storage and bulky materials for the fresh and revolutionary bathroom looks. 

You can try these best 3 minimalist bathroom ideas to get your truly desired bathroom design. Don’t worry they are all applicable!

1. Go with Texture and Pattern

Busy patterns and too much texture might not sit well with minimalists’ clutter-free idea. They believe more textures and patterns will result in a messy-looking bathroom. Anyway, predesigning your bathroom look with these textures and patterns can result differently. Just focus on the texture and pattern for a special spot, such as a shower floor or wall. 

Tiles, marbles, or even natural stones can rock your minimalist bathroom with pattern and texture. 

A minimalist bathroom display that uses natural white subway tiles and combined glass barrier accents and a simple chandelier. This gives the bathroom a sense of natural and simple look.

The pattern is present in the minimalist bathroom by combining a white subway wall accent with nets and living plants. Make bathroom decor fresher and charm.

Marble textures are displayed giving an elegant feel. In addition, the luxurious white is created to make this minimalist bathroom to be more immersed.

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The three-dimensional white tiles are patterned and beautifully patterned the white color in combination mirror accents and small vanity that provide a minimalist bathroom.

Scandinavian-style bathroom decor with floral dining motif. Combined furniture that takes up space. This makes the design of a minimalist and charming living room.

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2. Optimize the Space

Small bathroom owners will be so grateful for this since space is their main problem. 

Optimizing the space does not mean you hide away all toiletries, there should be a special space for them such as inset wall cubbies and floating shelves. These tricks are not only space-saving but also money-saving since you just need to prepare a durable board and install them.

If you opt for an all-white bathroom, it’s best to have this board for cubies and shelves in darker tones, for example, a dark reddish-brown one. Yes, white and dark reddish-brown will play the contrast that a minimalist bathroom needs. 

Optimize minimalist bathrooms by pairing storage shelves with smart and modern concepts. With floating shelves made of wood combined with black walls. Which makes the living room feel more beautiful.

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This small bathroom utilizes less space and makes it a more minimalist style. By arranging floating wooden shelves. It provides a practical concept.

The design is shown in this bathroom that utilizes the side of the room as optimal storage. Besides this wooden floating shelves and vanity tables add to the impression that makes you move.

The use of a minimalist concept that is applied to this bathroom. That optimizes the wooden floating shelves feature giving the impression of a more energized bathroom.

This is a minimalist bathroom design concept that does not eat space. With a minimalist floating cabinet combined vanity table accents with extensive storage space. This makes you able to optimize the perfect minimalist bathroom.

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3. Keep Everything Simple

Simplicity is the key to minimalist design. Starting from materials selection to decoration selection. The simple touches of wood or concrete, to offset your wall bathroom color, can adorn your bathroom and keep its minimalist aesthetic feel as well.

Opt for beautiful and functional decorations for your minimalist bathroom. For example, a contrast color of a towel rack that is placed on the corner of your bathroom spot, and a cream with light brown accent wooden bench or stool for your shower seat. 

A beautiful touch is in the Scandinavian-style bathroom. By using the natural features of wood as a floating shelf and white brick walls make the bathroom look memorable traditional modern.

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The decoration is simple and minimalist located in the bathroom by using a vanity accent combination of concrete and wood plus a wooden rack for towels. This makes the minimalist bathroom environmentally friendly and comfortable.

This is an elegant bathroom design and charm. Which utilizes bathroom features with wood as accent vanity table and cabinet. This red design with natural color creates a beautiful appearance.

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The beauty of a simple bathroom is displayed through the decoration of natural wall colors combined with minimalist vanity tables. With this bathroom decor looks more beautiful and comfortable.

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The minimalist and simple design is displayed through natural ingredients in the bathroom. By using wood accents and living plants add to the impression of a charming minimalist bathroom.

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Are you ready for your minimalist bathroom? Hopefully, those three minimalist bathroom ideas are handy for you. 

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