Check Out These 6 Modern Kitchen Designs For Modern Style

Have you been living for years in the same house without any makeover, especially your kitchen? Or you already planning to makeover your kitchen? Check these modern kitchen design ideas for inspirations in updating your beloved kitchen with a touch of modern lifestyle.

1. Update Hardware

It is the main thing to do if you want to add a new look in your kitchen. Especially if you haven’t caught the latest trend for modern living style. Updating hardware can be buying things, but it doesn’t always mean that way. Change the look of your furniture by giving it new paint or finishing or replace the drawer or knobs. It can be a lot of things that involve changing the previous appearances. 

Modern kitchen decoration ideas that use a minimalist look. With a black cabinet accent, the combination of floor and white walls provides charming color contrast.

Modern kitchen designs this time display different color combinations. The yellow color in the kitchen set combined with the dark color in the cabinet makes an elegant appearance.

If you are looking for a modern chic kitchen design, this kitchen design might inspire you. In addition, the selection of dark colors in the cabinet makes a beautiful color contrast for this kitchen.

This modern monochrome kitchen has attractive black and white colors on the cabinet and countertop. Moreover, this kitchen has a small size makes it easy for you to decorate it.

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2. Lighter Colours

The bright colours on the wall reflect light and make the room looks brighter, and so make it looks larger than normal. The use of these colours has always been in discussion, and fewer people doubt it. The bright colours also give expensive feelings and able to hide some dents or scratches on your old furniture.

Modern kitchens are also paired with bright wall colors to make this kitchen look luxurious. Using chandeliers on the island and some lighting on the ceiling makes this kitchen color wall look perfect.

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Blue and white are unique but modern color combinations to look at. In addition, a sophisticated design also makes this kitchen look stunning.

This is a fresh color combination for this modern kitchen, with white and light green making this kitchen more modern. Moreover, adding its gold accent to this chimney makes a beautiful design.

Gray combined with white is indeed very suitable to create a modern look. In addition, it is supported by lighting that also makes this kitchen look bright.

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3. Replace Cabinet Parts

If there is any chance that your cabinet already worn out and has some broken parts, consider replacing it. It does not always have to buy a new cabinet. Only replace the parts that need replacing, or perhaps refinishing its paint. Sometimes you can just put off the door and let an open shelving cabinet to show your best wares on display.

Decorating the kitchen using an open wood cabinet and combined countertop made of marble and wood gives the appearance of a traditional modern kitchen.

The minimalist kitchen design using an open cabinet made of wood and white appearance makes this kitchen design give you a modern and smart look.

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4. Change Lighting

Throw up your outdated lightings if you have not had one of these chandeliers or pendant lightings. It doesn’t only serve light for lighting but also building up the mood in the kitchen. 

This is a smart and innovative display in the kitchen. Those who use accent creative chandelier in the form of white cone combined with white walls and floating cabinets. Which makes the kitchen decoration look more modern elegant.

A ball-shaped chandelier placed above the countertop makes the kitchen look warmer and more perfect.

Modern classic style in a mini kitchen with beautiful ball-shaped chandeliers combined with textured wooden features on countertops and open cabinets. This kitchen decoration makes for a brilliant feel.

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5. Artwork

The artwork is a simple thing. It makes huge differences when it is applied well in the room. Put one or two artworks to give your room a stronger character. Mostly it can be paintings, but it can be something else. Fabric artwork for instance.

This clean and all-white modern kitchen design. Embellished using accented artwork paintings that give the kitchen a pleasant impression.

The appearance of this all-white and neat kitchen gives a beautiful and elegant impression. In addition, by adding artwork to the painting creates a perfect and interesting impression.

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6. Stainless Steel Appliances

It is good if you already have stainless steel appliances. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry. All you need to do is purchase some paint-on stainless steel finish. Follow its manufacture instructions and update all those appliances to stainless steel looks.

There are still many things you can do to make some changes to your kitchen to make it look modern. But before that, try to finish these simple modern kitchen design changes before changing to a more difficult one. Good luck.

The kitchen using stainless appliances is able to give the impression of clean and safe. It is also able to provide a more elegant and modish look.

Modern kitchen design with a combination of wood and stainless creates an elegant appearance. Plus natural lighting using glass panels makes it even more special.

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