Elegant RV Camper Organization and Storage Ideas That Will Work

No one can deny that arranging items in a camper is a hard job to do. It’s true, imagine that you’ll need to store kitchen goodies, cookware, childcare accessories, kids’ toys, and sports items in an RV compact space. However, with some smart ways, you can even do it in style. Here are elegant RV camper organization and storage ideas that will work for you.

1. Magnetic Strip or Rack

If you have many metal-made items to bring, this magnetic strip will be the best way to store them in your RV camper. Fix it on the wall of your camper. Then, you can store many items on it, such as knives, spice holders, can openers, pieces of jewelry, and other things that are from metal.

Attach magnetic strip behind the door of the cabinet and you can use them to store your herbs container that made from metal material. It can save the space and make your RV kitchen looks organized.

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The storage design in the RV camper using a magnetic strip that attached to under the hanging wooden shelf. Attach your jars on it and you will get neatly arranged in your RV camper kitchen.

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You will easily and practically store your cookware in the RV camper. By using the magnetic strip which is located on this metal wall.

Your cooking activities in RV camper will be easier by storing cooking utensils that are easy to find. By using a magnetic knife that is placed in a wooden cabinet. The decoration is simple but means a lot to you.

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2. Square Containers

If you want to find storage space that can fit neatly together, opt for the square containers—possibly the colorful ones so that you can have a more appealing look. You can keep various items in them, for example, food, coffee beans, first aid, screws, and nails. At last, you only need to stack them neatly inside your cabinet or refrigerator.

Creative ideas on the RV camper by storing square containers to store food ingredients in a rolling cupboard. Apart from making it neater, it can also create a minimalist impression.

Using square containers that placed inside cabinet for herbs and coffee beans are a good idea to make RV camper more charming and simple.

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By using white square containers which are placed on the RV camper cabinet rack to store some food supplies. Using square containers in RV camper creates a beautiful impression and the more comfortable you are moving in this RV.

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3. Under-Shelf Baskets 

Your camper must have shelves inside. With some under-shelf baskets, they may lend you extra storage space. The best part of them is they are nail-free so that it is easy to install.

Besides, you can use them for various usage. You can store fruits or vegetables when you install them on the open shelves. Also, you can store napkins or dish towels when you place them in the cabinet.

The smart ideas for decorating under-shelf baskets attached to walls for storage of toiletries. In the RV camper that is easy to install and gives the impression of a simple but still special.

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Stunning decoration with under-shelf baskets for storing fruits in RV camper. Under-Shelf Baskets made of metal and attached to the wall that creates a minimalist and neat decoration for your RV.

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Use under-shelf baskets in your RV camper bathroom. Under-Shelf Baskets are attached to the wall to store toiletries. Which makes toiletries more presentable and well maintained.

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4. Over-the-Door Organizers 

Limited space means more hanging projects, just like these over-the-door organizers. You can store various items in these organizers, such as shoes, clothes, spices, or even miscellaneous things. 

A clever storage in the RV camper door as storage place for shoes and sandals. Gives the impression that is flexible and easy to use.

By using the existing storage that attach behind door can make your RV more neat and functional. You can use transparent plastic as storage for shoes and sandals.

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The storage basket in the form of a metal basket placed behind the white cupboard door in the RV camper creates a pleasant and practical design.

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5. Hooks

Need quick help to store things? You can use adhesive hooks. Place them on the wall or the back of your cabinet’s door. Your RV Camper extra storages are ready to use. Have them to keep your cleaning supplies, brushes, or other random stuff.We hope these elegant RV camper organization and storage ideas help you to create your well-organized yet stylish space.

Using hook for RV storage idea is very appropriate to make your RV neat and functional in ever corner. For example you can attach the hooks in the bathroom to hang your towel.

You will easily move and store your accessories in hooks attached to the RV camper wall. With a form that is simple and easy to make. Making a comfortable and mesmerizing feel.

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