Top 3 Inspired Living room Farmhouse Style Furniture Tips

A living room is often used as the primary room not only for visitors but also for family meetings. If you’re the kind of individual who loves comfort and peace, the farmhouse is your home’s suitable style. So, how do you apply the style of the farmhouse to your living area? The following furniture can help you to get a farmhouse and country atmosphere.

1. Rustic Style

Farmhouse and rustic are two styles that are very similar. Both come with furniture that accentuates natural elements and come with a truly natural look.  In addition, rustic furniture is made to show pieces that are not neat like the use of rough wooden furniture without refinement or paint. However, to give a more presentable appearance, furniture need to be modified to look modern as well to give a combination of modern and old-school vintage feeling. 


Doors and windows are two things that are mandatory. The position of the couch or guest chair must be easily reached from the front door. With this we have a simple design for you to try, a wooden table with a combination of carpet flooring and a rough wood staircase make your living room appear in a rustic style.

The rustic-style living room generally has a classic and ethnic design. For example, you can use a rugged wood table combined with hardwood floors and storage in the corner, making your living room look neat and the rustic atmosphere.

The design of the living room floor generally uses materials made of coarse wood. For that, you can combine it with tiled floors with classic tile motifs. The seating area is usually made of leather and a fireplace with stone walls combined with neatly arranged wooden roofs. This design will make your living room look vintage and bring out the natural rustic atmosphere.



The white walls combined with beige carpets in the living room are also rustic characteristics. For a seating area, you can use the rugged wood table and white armchairs. This simple design will make your living room look stunning in a rustic style.


The rustic-style living room is identical to the large space as the countryside still has a large area. For that you can try this design. For example, a rough wood table combined with sofas and red carpet. You can add a white, integrated storage cabinet with a fireplace made of natural stone.


The living room is a room where family members and guests can gather and interact. For example, you can arrange a living room with a rough wooden table, wooden chair and a sofa made of soft cloth, making you and your guests feel comfortable, in a rustic style.


The rustic-style family rooms generally have a classic and ethnic design. For example, you can use a rugged wooden table and a grey sofa. Add a unique patterned chandelier, this will bring a warm feel to the living room in a perfect rustic style.


Creating a rural atmosphere can be done by giving and or placing natural elements in a room like wood. For example, a wooden table combined with sofas, carpet motifs, antique chandeliers. To sweeten the room you can choose a white color, this will provide a comfortable and warm living room.

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Rectangular wooden tables are combined with U-shaped sofas and cabinets with open drawers mounted on the wall for storage. To sweeten the living room, you can install carpets, with rough wooden floors. This is a characteristic of rural style.

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The walls with neutral white and black color are also characteristic of the countryside. But don’t forget to give a rough wood table plus a sofa to support the rustic-style appearance.

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A round table made of rugged wood combined with white sofas, carpets, and other elements, makes the atmosphere of your living room visible in a rustic style.


Presenting a country / rural themed family room will bring you in a warm atmosphere of togetherness and at the same time shady rural nature. A rustic-style living room will treat your homesickness with your family.

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2. Play with Warm Colors

Farmhouse style living room furniture often shows a friendly and pleasant vibe. Try to use colors like light yellow, brown, brick red, beige, dark blue or orange for your furniture. If not, try using white furniture like wooden chairs or corner sofas


Dark grey walls are also a rural characteristic. Plain colors will be very easy to integrate with wall furniture. This design will make your living room look comfortable with a rural atmosphere.


The combination of neutral colors in the living room is also a hallmark of rustic design. For example, white wall colors are combined with a blue sofa and fireplace walls made of colored stone, making your living room look bright with a rustic-style living room design.


The country-themed family rooms are generally the most desirable and still preserved today by most urban communities. For example, you can choose a beige paint wall, neutral color on the table wrapped in brown skin combined with a patterned carpet with bright colors.


Natural stone wall design is combined with white window, gray sofa, and white bone carpet. Similarly, other supporting furniture used is antique furniture made of bamboo or wood. This will make your living room look neat with a rustic style.


Bone white walls combined with glass windows, gray sofas, blue chairs and lacquered wooden floors, which make your living room look bright and full of warmth.


A stone wall for a fireplace that blends with the beige wall will help to integrate the wall furniture so that it doesn’t collide with the pattern. But if you want to present a European rural style, such as a large red sofa and floor coverings with simple motif carpets, knit rugs in faded colors that give a similar impression


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3. Type of Furniture Material

Wood furniture is the best, but it is not a must. The use of wood materials with a combination of other slightly modern furniture put together in a living room is the best way to go for a farmhouse design. For sofas, you can use materials made of soft cloth with a neutral color. 


The design of the room is a place to relax and enjoy comfort. For example, a brown sofa combined with carved wooden chairs, makes your living room radiate eternity. This design give a rustic nuance.


Rural style living rooms generally have a classic design, for example a gray sofa combined with teak table furniture, which will be the main attraction with a perfect color theme.


Sofa with neutral brown color is suitable for rustic style. You can combine soft and plain colors with antique wooden table furniture and white carpet. With plain arrangement and soft colors, make your living room look neat and perfect.


The living room is a place to relax, talk, and enjoy the comforts of home. With soothing brown sofas and teak table furniture, this space exudes a rustic feel with comfort.


White living room walls combined with light brown sofa get a natural look. Likewise with other supporting furniture such as rough wooden tables, carved chairs, which will make a rustic feel in your home.

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The living room is a place to relax, talk, and enjoy the comforts of home. With a soothing neutral color sofa and abundant texture, this space exudes a rustic feel with timeless elegance.

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The living room design with Beige sofa combined with a round wooden table can create a rural themed living room that will bring a warm sense of togetherness while at the same time shady rural nature.

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Although farmhouse includes modern furniture, the authentic farmhouse design is to give a traditional rural look. Using modern furniture for a living room style seeks to provide a pleasant, neat, comfortable and tidy appearance.

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