Try These 16 Cheap and Easy Ways to Organize Your RV

For adventurer (like you), traveling in a house on wheels must be the most awaited thing to do. But, when it comes to your recreational vehicle (RV) storage and organization, you might wish to stay at home. Why? Because you’ll surely find that your comfiest RV is hard to organize and results in cramped conditions. Finding the right storage is the only significant solution to this problem. 

Therefore, try these four cheap and easy ways to organize your RV.

1. Utilize Wall and Ceiling More Than Floor

When it comes to RV’s storage and organization, maximum utilization of walls and ceiling are the only best options available. Squeezing many items on the floor is not a wise thing to do since those items may offer you an unattractive look or even block your way to walk. 

Thus, you might want to fix a hanging basket, open shelves, trash can, shoe organizers, or hooks. Don’t stop organizing! Even if you have no more space on your RV wall or ceiling, you can still mount everything on the door. 

Multi-function RV interior decoration is not only used for interior beauty, but also as a storage area. Utilize shelves and cabinets on the ceiling and walls giving an elegant impression.

An interesting concept using rattan baskets attached to the wall as a storage area. By applying this rattan basket does not require much space in your RV.

Utilize your RV door for the shoe storage idea by installing a net attached to the bottom of the door. This RV decoration creates an easy and practical feel for you.

This is a smart RV organize idea. By using side part of the table you can install iron baskets for storing your plates. Its look simple but practical. This is a cheap and easy RV storage concept for you to try.

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Creative ideas on the RV floor by using straps tied to the right and left of the corner to make shoe storage. This storage space is does not need a lot of space, but is capable of storing a lot.

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2. Say ‘Yes’ for RV Furniture with Extra Storage

Double your furniture function. For example, daybed with an underneath storage, sofa with drawer, or bed with a bedside caddy, etc. By having this type of furniture, you do not only save the space but also store items well.  

Using sofa with with storage underneath is a good idea to save space in your RV. You no longer need a cabinet to store your items.

The wooden RV bench with soft foam is not only for sitting but there is a hidden drawer beside it. That provides perfect storage and makes RV decoration fun.

Creative ideas in the RV by arranging a sofa with hidden storage underneath can create a flexible impression. And also can save space your RV.

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Applying bed with storage underneath is very appropriate for your RV decor. Because you can use the storage to store your items. So that, it can save space and makes your RV have decent space to move.

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Installing sliding drawer under your sofa is a simple but practical way to save space your RV. In other hand, you can store your items well.

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3. Nest and Stack Things

Other cheap and easy ways to organize your RV is to carry things that nest, stack, and collapse. You can change your kitchen supplies like the conventional bowl with a collapsible one. Or, you can have stackable crates to store your clothes or linen in the cupboard. 

You will be more comfortable with storing cooking utensils in the cupboard. By using a rope that is hooked and cooking utensils can be input safely. This creates an inexpensive and fun RV Decoration.

Your clothes will be neat and charming. This is a storage concept that is stored in cooler boxes and shelves that hang from jute fabric. Creative ideas in this RV create a special design.

Placing plates neatly stacked on the shelves of this RV cabinet with a combined magnetic rack to store the cup. With this plate storage is maintained safe and able to load a lot of space.

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4. Maximize Your Storage Activities with Organizers

Invest in some storage containers or organizers such as bin, baskets, and laundry or shoe organizers to maximize your storage activities. They do not only utilize the space but also help you to find things.
Hopefully, these four cheap and easy ways to organize your RV will inspire you to start now. Yet, keep in mind that storing in an RV is an art. So, do it elegantly.

Plastic drawers and cloth for organizing clothes and other personal items in a small RV cabinet are a good idea to maximize your storage activities. You can group your items according to their type so that you will be easy to find.

Add wire baskets behind your RV door. These baskets can keep rolled clothes, socks, undies, towels, linens, bags, shoes, and other personal stuffs. This gives a neat and safe impression for your RV.

Smartly installed decorations can be placed inside the closet and can even be installed outside the closet door. It can store your important things that and provides a special RV storage design for you.

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